KKU hosts an annual ritual to worship Modindang Shrine: a house to the university’s sacred god.

KKU folks attended a ceremony held to worship a sacred spiritual site, Chaopo Modindang, seeking for his protection and blessing for all wellness. 

     On November 14, 2019, Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul (MD), an acting president of KKU, led a group of KKU folks in a rite dubbed, “Buang Suang Chaopo Modindang”. The ceremony is held annually to show gratitude to Chaopo Modindang, the god who is believed to be a spiritual protector of the university. 

     Assoc. Prof. Piansak Pakdee, a vice president for student development and Nong Khai Campus and in charge of the ceremony creation, said Chaopo Modindang Shrine was built in June, 1966. Since then, the site has been a center to KKU folks and general people’s spirit. A worshiping ceremony has been held every year and it is a norm for all new KKU students to come pay homage to the sacred god. The university ordered a big renovation for the sacred shrine in 2004. Chaopo Modindang is a center of KKU spiritual belief. Annual worship rite is held to show respect that KKU have on the site.

     The worship ceremony was begun at an auspice time set at 08.09. The ceremony involved the acting president of KKU in changing of the cloth on the Buddha image named, “Pra Bhuddapanya Metathum” situated on the shrine. Then a ceremonial master, Mr. Sunai Pokarat, recited sacred lines to invite sacred spirits to the site decorated with worshiping gears. Following the end of the invitation of sacred spirits, the man threw flower petals and rice-seed crackers and made a triple banging on a ceremonial ring. The ceremony was completed with a worshipping dance performed by the Thai music major students from KKU.

     The guests were encouraged to provide worshiping sets prepared by KKU Alumni Association. The revenue recurred from the selling of the worship sets is to be used to serve the purposes of Chaopo Modindang Foundation which is mostly used as scholarship for stricken-poverty students. 

     The night of the ceremony was more entertaining with musical and dancing performances from famous traditional bands such as Kumpoon Ruammit molum band, and Watcharin Kongfa Muang Yamo Band. 

News: Chutinan Panjaroong

Photos: Attapong Hampong 

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