University Administration

Khon Kaen University’s Vision

A World-Leading Research and Development University


• People: People of the University possess knowledge, competency, digital skill, and expertise in academic fields, research and development, with capabilities in utilization, services, international communication, management and administration, readiness to learn and connect with the internationals as well as response to changes.   
• Ecological: The University’s ecology supports learning, research, work efficiency, and increases the quality of life of the University people and visitors.  
• Spiritual: The University’s spirit is one with peace and unity for both external and internal communities.

Missions and Policies

        In accordance with the Khon Kaen University Act of 2015, the University has been designated as a higher academic institution with the duties of educating, promoting, applying and developing of advanced academic fields and professions, provision of instruction, research and development, transfer of technologies, provision of academic and professional services to the society, and nurturing of arts and cultures.

Missions and the Administrative Policies of Khon Kaen University
        The Khon Kaen University Council has stipulated the following missions and administrative policies of Khon Kaen University for the period of 2019 to 2023 (as per KKU Announcement No. 1689/2561) as follows:

People: Operations for the Benefits of the Community or the University’s Stakeholders

1) Having knowledge and competency in using and developing digital technologies in all duties and responsibilities in order to continually proceed towards internalization
– Prepare quality graduates that meet the needs of the society
– Provide instructional processes that enhance and instill new-era skills through active learning and coaching
– Promote and develop digital literacy and skills
– Promote qualified personnel development for internationalized excellence
– Continuously develop working knowledge and upskills
2) Having equal job security and ability to increase living standards and health
– Be aware of gender and disability equality
– Encourage and promote healthy life and security
– Perform the duties with security and worthiness 
3) Having capability and service-mindedness to respond to and lead the society both inside and outside the University
– Be the center of social wisdom
– Develop research-driven society
– Conserve Thai culture and aesthetics

Ecological: Operations on the University’s Ecology
1) Having modern places and equipment, with good and appropriate access to the Internet for learning in order to proceed towards being a “digital university”
– Develop tech-savvy work and living places
– Develop good workplace and working environment
– Develop highly effective Internet connection
2) Maintaining and managing a “Green University” with beauty, convenience, cleanliness, economization, and safety
– Conserve the environment and use energy efficiently
– Adopt responsible consumption of energy
3) Altering the personnel regulations and operational management for efficiency and effectiveness 
– Work towards internationalization
– Develop excellence as a world class university
– Develop the competency-based human resource management

Spiritual: Instill the Spirit of Khon Kaen University
1) Adhering to virtue, morality, and ethics based on the principles and approaches that are candid, transparent and impartial     
– Administer with good governance and build peace
2) Coordinating and participating in building progress and sustainability
– Enhance harmony, spiritual and physical collaboration and coordination  
3) Having social devotion value
– Instill the mindset of social devotion

11 Strategies
Strategy 1: Education Transformation
Stratagem 1: Develop programs with new learning paradigm
Stratagem 2: Incorporate lifelong education
Stratagem 3: Develop new curricula that build new socially required occupations
Stratagem 4: Establish a new system of instruction that accommodates digital teaching and learning as a KKU Academy
Stratagem 5: Develop a new system for the graduate education with high quality research outcomes and innovations
Stratagem 6: Develop graduate programs that drive the University towards being a global and frontier research university
Stratagem 7: Develop students with the 21st Century skills
Stratagem 8: Enhance global perspective and capability as world citizens among students

Strategy 2 Research Transformation
Stratagem 1: Invest on new research infrastructure platform
Stratagem 2: Support continuous mega research programs and clusters
Stratagem 3: Build a research ecosystem
Stratagem 4: Build an innovation ecosystem
Stratagem 5: Increase the number of entrepreneurs, startups, and co-invested ventures

Strategy 3 Transformation of Human Resource Management
Stratagem 1: Set a human resource management system that facilitates work outcomes
Stratagem 2: Strengthen work efficiency of staff
Stratagem 3: Build flexible and varied employment systems

Strategy 4 Academic Service Transformation
Stratagem 1: Establish academic service projects that build common economic and social values such as U2T – Ban       Ton Model: KKU’s mitigation of poverty problem

Stratagem 2: Build academic service projects that are based on technologies and innovations for sustainable development goals

Strategy 5 Organization Management Transformation
Stratagem 1: Execute excellence by centralized policy and decentralized operations
Stratagem 2: Accent strategic lead and alter outmoded regulations
Stratagem 3: Adopt digital and automation process management
Stratagem 4: Efficiently manage assets for sustainability

Strategy 6 Create a Good Workplace
Stratagem 1: Build a good workplace for all groups of personnel
Stratagem 2: Increase efficiency of the welfare and the benefit management system
Stratagem 3: Systematically create personnel attachment

Strategy 7 Create a pleasant place to live 
Stratagem 1: Develop well-being for people in the University
Stratagem 2: Create a green society
Stratagem 3: Create aesthetic environment in the University
Stratagem 4: Renovate buildings and accommodation
Stratagem 5: Create the University as a smart-mobility city
Stratagem 6: Manage efficient and smart security with nano-technology of the future world
Stratagem 7: Organize traffic zoning by differentiating main roads from branch roads that lead to educational and service zones

Strategy 8 Organization Transformation for Digital Age
Stratagem 1: Provide indepth digital technology service
Stratagem 2: Create an ecological system for digital innovation
Stratagem 3: Develop the working and learning systems with digital technology

Strategy 9 Internationalization of the University
Stratagem 1: Support and promote global learners, global alumni, and global staff
Stratagem 2: Support and promote global quality network & ecosystem
Stratagem 3: Support the stratagem for higher World University Ranking
Stratagem 4: Internationalize lecturers, staff, students and the environment

Strategy 10 Application of Good Governance
Stratagem 1: Establish good governance for all units

Strategy 11: Enhancement of Developmental Collaboration
Stratagem 1: Establish mega-projects among faculties in the health science group, the science and technology group, and the humanities and social sciences group as well as developing collaboration with Me Kong institutions 

Values and Organization Culture

SMART is the abbreviation for the University’s values and organization culture.

S refers to Social Devotion.
M refers to Management by Fact.
A refers to Adaptability for Global Perspective.
R refers to Respect & Openness.
T refers to Technology & Innovation Focus.

“Social Devotion, Management of Fact, Adaptability for Global Perspective, Openness, and Technology and Innovation Focus.”

 “Value” is considered the key indicators of principles and behaviors. It conveys the expectations of Khon Kaen University and its staff and involves good practices towards the public and society, and self-development. It reflects and enhances the goals to blend with the required culture of the University. The set values support all personnel’s decision making, assist in achieving the missions and visions through appropriate approaches, and correlate with and support the key strategies of the University.   

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