KKU supports Khon Kaen Silk Beauty Contestants by providing “Kan Kaen Koon Pattern” outfits

Khon Kaen University provides “Kan Kaen Koon Pattern” dresses to the 37th Khon Kaen Silk Beauty contestants in order to promote Khon Kaen as the city of the world handicraft 

     November 23, 2019 – Khon Kaen University led by Ajarn Natsamol Tanakulrangsarit, Assistant to President for Special Affairs, supported the 37th Miss Silk Beauty Contest of Khon Kaen by offering “Kan Kaen Koon Pattern” dresses to the 39 contestants at the Orientation of the contest. This also promotes Khon Kaen as the city of the world handicraft of Mad Mee silk. Dr. Alongkot Vorakee, Permanent Secretary of Khon Kaen Province, acting Khon Kaen Governor presided over the ceremony at La Villa Hotel Khon Kaen. ​ 

     The dresses with “Kan Kaen Koon Pattern” will be worn by the contestants at  the procession of the “International Silk Fair, Phuk Siaw Tradition and Khon Kaen Red Cross Fair 2019” which will be held from November 29, 2019. 

     “Kan Kaen Koon Pattern” on the contestants’ outfits reflects the civilization and fun of Mo Kan City, bearing the following meanings: 

     KAN means King of Music – Khon Kaen’s people’s music is attractive and has the aesthetic beauty which is the identity of Khon Kaen. 

     KAEN means King of Isan or the capital of Isan, the city of Mad Mee pattern. In the other sense, it means the essence of the pattern of “Kan Kaen Koon”.

     KOON means King of Trees and Flowers of the king of the tree and Khon Kaen City’s flower as well as the national flower, which is the king of the floras. 

News / Photos: Boriphat Thasi 

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