Join the worshipping dance on the occasion of Khon Kaen’s 222’nd Anniversary

KKU folks are invited to join the worshipping dance towards the Great City’s Spirit House for the goodness of life and good identity of KKU as well as community participation 

         Ajarn Natsamol Tanakulrangsarit, Assistant to President for Special Affairs of Khon Kaen University said that from November 28 to December 10, 2019, Khon Kaen Province and governmental and private organizations are organizing the international silk festival, Phuk Siaw Tradition and Red Cross Fair of 2019. This year, Khon Kaen University is assisting in 2 key events that answer our strategy for creating good identity and community participation.

         The first event is the worshipping dance towards the Great Khon Kaen Spirit House, which is scheduled on Thursday November 28, 2019 at the Great Spirit House in the city of Khon Kaen at 16:00 hrs. Men are asked to wear a Koon-yellow shirt with black trousers and Pa Khaw Ma (or Kan Kaen Koon cloth) around the waist. Women are asked to wear a Koon-yellow blouse with black “pa sin” long skirt, shoulder cloth with “Kan Kaen Koon pattern”. Women’s hair should be tied at the back nicely and a Koon bouquet attached on the left side of the hair. There will be free shuttle buses taking all to the venue from in front of Sirikunakorn Building at 15:00 hrs. If interested, please apply or contact for more information at Khun Sathaporn Navanukhroh, Communications Department, Tel. and ID line: 083-1488020 or by e-mail:  

         The event this year will be more special than before, for there will be card stunt performing showing the words 222 KHONKAEN. There will be the use of phosphorescent technique to assist the card stunt performing. About 70,000 dancers are expected to join this year, to dance the chosen 3 songs for a period of 21 minutes, which are: khon Kaen Today song, Phuk Siaw song, Dok Koon Siang Kan song.

         The second event is the dress and identity umbrella of Khon Kaen University, which will be worn and held by Silk Beauty contestants of 2019 and the procession of Khon Kaen University students on November 29, 2019 at 13:30 hrs. The procession will commence from Fairy Plaza Mall on the Klang Muang Road and proceed to King Rama 5 Monument in front of the City Hall. KKU expects to build the image of community participation as well as public relation of the university through the procession and through the dresses worn by the beauty contestants.

         Ajarn Natsamol Tanakulrangsarit, Assistant to President for Special Affairs added that working with Khon Kaen Province in the 2 events support the policy of the university on community relation. At present, the university closely connects with organizations and communities around the campus in many projects such as Siharat Dechochai Coffee Association, We Love Khon Kaen project, etc. There is at least an activity each month with administrators or representatives of each organization meeting and exchanging information and opinions. Relationship is clearly seen when there are events that receive good collaboration and participation. Besides, the community around the campus also operate the radio program for the community together at FM 103 MHz. The communities also voice their opinions through the meetings held about the operations of KKU in different aspects. These also support the growth of Khon Kaen University. They build understanding and reduce complaints that sometimes take place from the communities.        

Ajarn Natsamol Tanakulrangsarit, Assistant to President for Special Affairs


News / Photos: Chutinan Panjarung 

Thanks for the worship dance of 2018 from FB: Lung Jack Kasemsan and Rintr Jarintr   

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