KKU’s conclusion of the magnificent “Sithan KKU Festival 2019 – Boon Somma Bucha Nak”

“Sithan KKU Festival 2019 – Boon Somma Bucha Nak” was closed with the floats of beautiful and magnificent ‘Krathong’ on the full moon day of the 12th month

           November 11, 2019, 18:00 hrs. at Sithan Lake, Khon Kaen University – KKU concluded “Sithan KKU Festival 2019 – Boon Somma Bucha Nak”, the festival of great and joyful activities. The last day featured the procession of beautiful and grandeur ‘Krathong’ by different faculties, organizations, and clubs. Dr. Somsak Jangtrakoon, Khon Kaen Governor conveyed a welcoming address to guests at the opening ceremony of the last-day festival with Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., Acting KKU President making a reporting address. Among distinguished guests were Dr. Narongchai Arkaraseranee, President of KKU Council who presided over the opening ceremony; members of Khon Kaen University Council; members of Khon Kaen University Promotion Board and mass media. 

          Dr. Somsak Jangtrakoon, Khon Kaen Governor said, “Congratulations to Khon Kaen University for the organization of this “Sithan KKU Festival 2019” that truly nurtures Thai tradition and culture as well as ancient beliefs that come down from generation to generation according to the “Heet 12 Khrong 14”. Every year in November on the 15th waxing moon day of the 12th month, Thai people will hold the traditional “Loy Krathong” event. This year, the event is greatly held under the title, “Sithan KKU Festival 2019 – Boon Somma Bucha Nak” at Sithan Lake of Khon Kaen University. On behalf of Khon Kaen Province, welcome all tourists to Khon Kaen, the center for Isan traditional and cultural promotion. We also have religious places, local wisdom resources and many tourism spots. For accommodation, Khon Kaen city now has a lot of hotels ranging from 5-stars to condominiums and apartments totaling over tens of thousands units. The traffic and safety systems can be trusted for the city’s vision is an attracting city worth staying, a center of trading, investment, service. We are ready to become a Smart City and MICE City”.

           Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., Acting KKU President reported, “Khon Kaen University’s main mission is to maintain and nurture art and culture, promote, support, research, transfer and extend creative innovations for sustainability of the social and the economy. We open up a chance for all sectors to occupy a space to express themselves. Under the concept, “Faith, Fun, and Cultural Nurturing”, “Sithan KKU Festival 2019 – Boon Somma Bucha Nak” answers the university’s strategy appropriately. This festival has been developed from the “Loy Krathong” tradition on the day of 15th waxing moon of the 12th lunar month. It is the aim to succeed and conserve beautiful tradition through faith of former values, mixed with fun in multiple activities. We also create aesthetic entertainment or what can be explained as nurturing the culture in order to reiterate the local Isan culture and tradition, with a mixture of modern aspects that will attract all ages. All sectors are involved in our festival, too.”  

           Dr. Narongchai Arkaraseranee, President of KKU Council said in his opening speech, “Loy Krathong event of Khon Kaen University this year or “Sithan KKU Festival 2019 – Boon Somma Bucha Nak”, is the pride of Thai people. Thai culture and tradition demonstrates Thainess, or a nation that never ends. We have lived for a long time with cultural identities. The activities organized by Khon Kaen University truly promote, support, refresh, and nurture arts and cultures. KKU uses the knowledge from academic side and research as the bases for extension of wisdom until the values can be transformed into economic values. This is important and is the prototype for development and sustainability building in terms of art, culture, and local wisdom. It responds to the major pillar of development of KKU, i.e., Culture and Care Community. We promote art and culture, local wisdom and at the same time care for the community. The pillar of Creative Economy means an organization that uses knowledge, innovation from instruction, creative research for economic values. The change of former traditions into contemporary tradition is not easy. It is challenging because of the details that we have to incorporate. All skills have to be used with the tempo of feelings and thought in order to create attractive aesthetics in terms of culture and wisdom. These are transformed into tangible objects with economic and sustainable values. The past “Sithan KKU Festival 2019” was well accepted. People now see the values of Thai culture and become more interested. When applied contemporarily, the festival becomes creative and yields economic values as well as sustainability.” 

          With the closure of “Sithan KKU Festival 2019 – Boon Somma Bucha Nak”, the followings are the results of the various contests this year. 

Krathong Procession

First Prize:           Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy

First Runner-up:     Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 

Second Runner-up:    Faculty of Architecture 

Honorable Mention Award:  Faculty of Education, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Agriculture 

Miss Noppamas

First Prize:            Miss Sirikul Prayoonsiri                 International College 

First Runner-up:      Miss Chananchida Jaifu                    Faculty of Economics 

Second Runner-up:              Miss Wallathitaya Paenthaisong   Faculty of Medicine

Third Runner-up:               Miss Pattarasuda Pinitmontree             COLA

Fourth Runner-up:              Miss Manasawee Srirat                     COLA

Photography Awards

First Prize:                 Khun Tanyarat Sirinongbua

First Runner-up:          Dr. Thapanon Mahisanon, M.D. 

Second Runner-up:        Khun Seksan Klangla

Third Runner-up:          Khun Prasopchai Jandok

Fourth Runner-up:       Khun Thanapan Naipinit 

Krathong Contest 

Small-Sized Krathong 

Beautiful Category 

First Prize:                        Faculty of Medicine

First Runner-up:      Khun Chayanan Srichart 

Second Runner-up:     Kaennakorn Wittayalai School 

Honorable Mention Award:   Faculty of Dentistry and Graduate School Student Union

Beautiful Category 

First Prize:                       Khun Withawat Thongsaeng 

First Runner-up:    Faculty of Sciences 

Second Runner-up:     Khun Chalermchai Sopapan 

Honorable Mention Award:       Khun Withawat Thongsaeng and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 


Big-Sized Krathong 

Beautiful Category 

First Prize:               Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts 

First Runner-up:      Faculty of Public Health 

Second Runner-up:     Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 

Honorable Mention Award:                     International College 

Creative Category 

First Prize:                       Faculty of Architecture 

First Runner-up:      Faculty of Medicine 

Second Runner-up:      Faculty of Nursing 

Honorable Mention Award:   Faculty of Education 

         Please wait for “Sithan KKU Festival 2020 – Boon Somma Bucha Nak” under the theme “Not obsessed by the old, nor engrossed in the new”, the festival that conserve national heritage through academic and research knowledge as the bases for expansion of wisdom, as the developmental prototype for sustainability of arts and cultures. 

News: Wachara Noichompoo / Rawiporn Saisaenthong
Photos: Wachara Noichompoo / Boriphat Thasi / Atthapol Hampong 

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