KKU Library strengthens relationship with a world-class university

September 26, 2022 – Assoc. Prof. Suphat Seenawat, M.D., Director of Khon Kaen University, administrators and staff of the library welcomed Professor Christopher Mow from Stanford University, USA, and showed him around the place especially the Learning Center for All.

The Learning Center for All is a new service dimension of a university’s library, which aims at supporting lifelong learning to all groups of library users. Professor Christopher Mow showed his interest in the inspirational space where KKU Library provides users with multiple tools and devices that smartly support users’ learning such as the VR Headset that enhances imagination and learning through metaverse experience.

The visit helped strengthened the relationship between Khon Kaen University and Stanford University. It is also an important step towards development of relationship between the institutes in many aspects such as education and research in the near future.



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