KKU and TICA International online training program “Fundamentals of Occupational Health and Occupational Medicine” 2021

An international online training program hosted by Occupational Medicine, Department of Community Medicine, MD-KKU run between August – September 2021. Associate Professor Naesinee Chaiear, MD, PhD, program manager, advises that program funding is from Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA) who also funded several KKU programs in the previous fiscal year: Faculty of Medicine (1 grant), Faculty of Agriculture (2 grants), Graduate School (1 grant).

The program has 2 majors the objectives 1) Trainees or participants of this training program will acquire knowledge and further understanding about Occupational Medicine and Fundamentals of Occupational Health, 2) Trainees will be able to apply this knowledge in practice and research work. This 42-hour program has three main focus areas:

– “Occupational Medicine” for 15 topics,
– “Occupational Health” for 7 topics,
– “Occupational Medicine and Occupational Health” for 6 topics

There are 11 presenters; from KKU, Faculty of Medicine,
1) Associate Professor Naesinee Chaiear; 2) Associate Professor Suda Wannaprasat; 3) Associate Professor Naruemon Leelayuwat; 4) Professor Pisake Lumbiganon; 5) Dr. Panumas Kraisorn; 6) Dr. Warisa Soonthornvinit; 7) Dr. Thanapope Na Nakhonphanom; 8) Dr. Chatraphong Ngamchokewatana. Three international presenters are 1) Dr. Warren Silverman, Medical Director, Workplace Forensics LLC; 2) Dr. Michael Slater, School of Health Sciences, Division of Population Health Primary Care, University of Manchester; 3) Professor Sherwood Burge, Consultant Physician University Hospital Birmingham and Honorary Birmingham University, UK.
Associate Professor Naesinee also advised that previous trainees rated satisfaction with the program more than 80 % satisfaction. Twenty-five trainees passed the TICA criteria examination and they come from 14 countries: Republic of Indonesia, United Republic of Tanzania, Kingdom of Cambodia, Republic of Nicaragua, Republic of Ecuador, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Iraq, Islamic Republic of Iran, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Kingdom of Bhutan, Malaysia, Republic of Kiribati, Republic of Peru, and, Plurinational State of Bolivia.

Fourteen trainees attended via Live “Zoom”, and eleven trainees attended via online platform “KKUMedX”.


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