Academic Service Bureau conducts a community need analysis at Suan Mon Sub-district


February 8, 2021 – Asst. Prof. Natthaphat Ananteerakul, Assistant to the President for Education and Academic Service made a visit to Suan Mon Sub-district Administrative Organization in Manjakhiri District, Khon Kaen, to discuss collaboration with the TAO, led by Mr. Kraisit Jampani, Permanent Secretary and Mr. Prasit Bunsit, Vice President of Suan Mon Sub-district Administrative Organization.

This visit was aimed at finding the needs of the Sub-district for community development. The Permanent Secretary proposed the implementation approaches that correspond to the provincial strategies in terms of safe foods, decrease of the use of chemicals, decrease of expenses, and building of incomes for the community people. What have been proposed include the use of TAO’s area to build a farming learning center as a model for decrease of the use of chemicals, selling the produce remaining from household consumption in order to increase income and decrease household expenses. The target group consists of farmers in the area. In addition, the school will also be used for farming-related knowledge building among the school pupils in Suan Mon. Besides, the Academic Service Bureau of Khon Kaen University proposed occupation building other than farming for the people in the community, i.e., growing the herb, “Bua Bok” or Gotu Kola organically. This has been promoted by the Academic Service Bureau and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science and has been of great interest by Suan Mon Sub-district Administrative Organization.


By Prapaporn Khanchai



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