KKU Architecture ajarns boost-up the potentials of OTOP entrepreneurs for the 4.0 era

Community Entrepreneurs Development for the 4.0 Era Project are organized by the Office of Community Development, Khon Kaen Province. The first phase was already organized for two groups: Group 1 on February 2-3, 2021 and Group 2 on February 4-5, 2021 at Khon Kaen Hotel, Nai Muang Sub-district, Muang District, Khon Kaen. Trainers included lecturers from the Department of Design Faculty of Architecture led by Ajarn Latthaporn Chanthonglang, who gave a talk on “Preparation of Entrepreneurs for the 4.0 Era”. Next, Ajarn Arkaphon Lamuang ran the workshop on “Appropriate Photographing of Products for Online Selling” and Ajarn Monthida Lertnimannoradee gave another talk on “Making Product Templates/Contents for Online Market”.

This workshop was aimed at developing the potentialities of manufacturers and OTOP entrepreneurs so that they possess the abilities and skills in selling their products online and at increasing selling channels for OTOP products via the online system. The target groups of the training included OTOP entrepreneurs who have been selected as the top manufacturers in the One Tambon One Thai Product of 2019 at the 1 to 5-star levels and the new potential entrepreneurs who have registered during the years 2014-2019. Each group consisted of 25 people.

The trainees obtained knowledge and had a chance to practice in making the Template/Content of their products, suitable photographing, posting a picture and broadcasting lives on a social media, importing data into a system, and becoming a trader in an online market website.

The workshop organizers thanked Khun Jamroen Waenphet, from Khon Kaen Developmental Office; Khun Jirapa Duangphui, Head of Community Development Promotion Group, Khon Kaen Province; and Khun Monthathip Nathonghor, The Project responsible officer and all of those who were involved in the training.

News / Photos: Ajarn Arkaphon Lamuang

Disseminated by: Kannaphas Sirikiat


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