KKU folks make merit by offering food to the monks on the occasion of the 57th KKU Anniversary

Monday morning, January 25, 2021 – Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthingviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University and his wife, Dr. Uanjit Pathongviriyakul presided over the merit making ceremony of food offering to the monks on the occasion of the KKU’s 57th anniversary at the Office of the President, Sirikunakorn Building, Khon Kaen University. Participants included Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kittichai Triratanasirichai, former president and his wife Khun Jaruwan Triratanasirichai; Asst. Prof. Tala Thammaroj, M.D., Vice President for Administration; Assoc. Prof. Piansak Pakdee, Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relation; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kriangkrai Kitcharoen, Vice President for Human Resources; Asst. Prof. Dr. Denpong Soodphakdee, Vice President for Digital; Asst. Prof. Arwut Yimtae, Vice President for Infratsructures; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Niyom Wongpongkham, Vice President for Art, Culture, and Creative Economy; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maitree Inprasitha, Vice President for Education and Academic Services; assistants to the president, deans, directors of office and institutes, staff and students.

The ceremony began at 7:00 a.m., with 18 monks receiving food offered at the multipurpose ground in front of Sirikunakorn Building. Next, the monks prayed for KKU people, ancestors, those who passed away, and those who have supported the university. The President and administrators then presented the breakfast set and items to 10 monks, who again prayed the blessings and sprinkled sacred water to the participants. This year, the food offerings at the White Bridge has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation.

The following noble monks were invited to join the ceremony for goodness and virtues of KKU folks:

  1. 1. Luang Ta Sommai Attamano, Chairperson of the ceremony, from Santikawas Forest Monastery, Chaiyawan District, Udonthani
  2. 2. Luang Ta Prasatsil Apiwanno, Nongwaeng Forest Monastery, Chaiyawan District, Udonthani
  3. 3. Luang Po Chaowapit Sutheero, MukutvimuttikhiriMonastery, Wiangkao District, Khon Kaen
  4. 4. Luang Po Suban Siritharo, Pha Koeng Cave Monastery, Wiangkao District, Khon Kaen
  5. 5. Phra Ajarn Sakorn Ariyo, Phu Mengthong Monastery Nongrua District, Khon Kaen
  6. 6. Phra Ajarn Manoonchai Manoonyapalo, Satthathammawittaya Forest Monastery, Kantarawichai District, Maha Sarakham
  7. 7. Phra Ajarn Nithi Sophonseelo, Koh Thing Monastery, Muang District, Khon Kaen
  8. 8. Phra Ajarn Boonta Thatpunyo, Koh Thing Monastery, Muang District, Khon Kaen
  9. 9. Phra Ajarn Preedee Pholyano, Kittiyanusirn Forest Monastery, Phu Winag District, Khon Kaen
  10. 10. Luang Ta Inthasiri, Phadaeng Phanimit Cave Monastery, Nam Pong District, Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen University (KKU) is the first higher education institution of the Northeast, founded according to the policy to extend higher education to the region under the First Economic Development Plan of the country. The objectives are to develop manpower and bodies of knowledge to solve problems in the Northeast, which is a big region with one third of the national population. Each year in the past, the region faced the problem of drought and continuous bad harvest from crops. Many poor people lived in this region. King Rama IX and Her Majesty the Queen came to open the university officially on December 20, 1967 and gave the speech, part of which is, “The founding of Khon Kaen University as another university is a benefit, for the higher education can extend to one of the most important regions in the country. In the future, it will be advantageous for the development and upgrading the living quality of the people in this region. The success of Khon Kaen University establishment is the success everyone should be happy with.”

In 1962, the government of General Sarit Thanarat, the Prime Minister, agreed to establish an advanced institution in engineering and agriculture in Khon Kaen. The institution was named “Khon Kaen Institute of Technology” (K.I.T.). Then the name was changed to, “North-East University” (N.E.U.).” As there was no official organization responsible for the operation of higher education institutions, the government agreed to assign the National Education Council to take responsibility in finding the location, draft the curricula, and contact foreign institutions for support and assistance.

In 1963, the assigned sub-committee for this purpose decided to select Ban Si Than as the location of Khon Kaen University. The area measured 5,500 rais and it is 4 kilometers from the city of Khon Kaen.

On June 9, 1964, the building of the Faculty of Science and Arts had been built and the first class of KKU students, totaling 107, were enrolled on June 24, 1964.

In 1965, the Cabinet at that time approved the changing of “North-East University” to “Khon Kaen University” according to the name of the city where the university is situated. The operations were transferred from the Office of National Education Council to Khon Kaen University.

In 1966, The Khon Kaen University Act was established and announced in the Gazette on January 25, 1966. The date became the university foundation day. This year, January 25, 2021 marks the 57th year anniversary.

Thanks for the information from: https://th.kku.ac.th/about/history/



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