KKU library shares the daily online sign-in and sign-out for officers via Kaizala during the ‘Work from Home’ period

January 12, 2021 at Room 2202, 2nd Floor, Building 2, Khon Kaen University Library – Miss Jeerapa Simajaruek, Deputy Director for Administration led her team to the learning and sharing session with the directors of administration of different faculties including Khun Ancharin Unthaisong, Administrative Director from the Faculty of Economics; Khun Kritsanachai Kaewsakultham, Administrative Director from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine; Khun Netdao Jamroendararasamee, from Division of Foreign Affairs; Acting Sub. Lt. Niyada Chaisa, Personnel Officer from the faculty of Economics. The learning and sharing session was on the daily sign-in and sign-out system via the Microsoft Kaizala.


Khon Kaen University Library began to use the Microsoft Kaizala in March 2020, from the time of the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 in order to support the attendance checking of the officers who worked from home. The system is convenient to use and is accountable. Microsoft Kaizala does not only enable officers to sign in and sign out online for their daily working, but also simply reports the work attendance of officers.

By Nitiya Sriworadetpaisarn


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