COLA & KAS holds the 6th International Conference on “Governance as a Strategy for National Development: The Case of Singapore” under the COLA Webinar Series 2020

Thursday October 15, 2020 – College of Local Administration joined Conrad Adenauer Foundation, Thailand to organize the 6th COLA Webinar Series of 2020, in which Dr. Gillian Koh gave a special talk on “Governance as a Strategy for National Development: The Case of Singapore” on Zoom and Facebook.

Dr. Gillian Koh is the Deputy Director for Research of the Institute for the Study of Policy and a senior researcher for the Good Governance and Economy at the Lee Kuan Yew Public Policy School of the Singapore National University. In her research work, she is interested in the size of political parties and election, development of social population, relationship between the state and social administration, and participation of population in Singapore. Dr. Koh also participated in the research entitled “Governance of a City-State”.


Dr. Koh talked about good governance as a strategy for national development. She mentioned the successful attempts in Singapore in terms of the use of administrative system that led to a city state. Within less than two generations, Singapore changed from a country in the third world to a developed country. In 2019, Singapore ranked the first of the world in competitive competence, which was announced by the World Economic Forum. In this regard, Thailand was at the 40th place. It can be seen that Thailand can learn a lot from Singapore.

After the talk, Dr. Koh gave a chance for participants to ask questions and share their experiences.

The College of Local Administration has been supported continuously from Konrad Adenauer Stiftung for COLA Webinar Series 2020. For the 7th COLA Webinar Series 2020 (the final one) was held of October 28, 2020. There was a talk by Khun Airada Luangwilai, Deputy Director of Office of Digital Government Development (Public Organization) on “Digital Transformation: A New Focus of Thai Government’s Policy”.

Photos: Jitraladda Saenta (Public Relation and Organization Communication Section)

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