Coordinating Center for the Royal Project makes an eco-trip to Phu Wiang-Wiang Kao, building creative knowledge

Coordinating Center for the Royal Project

Links natural resources, environment, culture and tradition

Of communities around research site at Khok Phu Taka, Wiang Kao District, Khon Kaen

Building creative knowledge in eco-tourism for sustainable resources

August 31, 2020 at the Meeting Room of Muang Kao Patana, Tambon Administrative Organization, Wiang Kao District, Khon Kaen – Coordinating Center for the Royal Project led by Asst. Prof. Dr. Penprapa Phetcharaburanin, Director of the Center and the officers made a trip to follow-up on the Tourism Innovation Development Project. Staff of Muang Kao Patana Sub-district Administrative Organization, community leaders, village sages and community business groups from 10 villages, totaling over 50 people met with KKU team.

Tourism Innovation Development Projectwas well collaborated by the cooperating network for strong tourism management of governmental and private sectors, including Khon Kaen Provincial Administrative Organization, Wiang Kao District, Khon Kaen Geopark, Phu Wiang Natural Park, Local Administrative Organization, Tourism Authority of Thailand Khon Kaen Office, and Khon Kaen Tour Guide Association. The Coordinating Center for the Royal Project has carried out a survey and analysis on tourists’ needs, potentialities of resource bases in the area. Tourism Development Plans were made by the Community along with preparation for group management and strengthening of the people in the area to receive tourists. The latter was achieved by providing knowledge and skills in English language for tourism, training the community people in being a good host, organizing a workshop on making tourism programs. As a result, 3 programs have been designed: 9 Good, 10 Good program, study trip program, Dino-tour program. 15 tourism routes were made that link key tourism spots in Phu Wiang-Wiang Kao. The Muang Kao Patana Sub-district tourism map has been modified by adding points, and points have been added on Google Maps that are useful in disseminating tourism information. This will enable tourists to easily search for more information and for the routes leading to tourism spots on the internet.

Wiang Kao District, Khon Kaen is 70 kilometers far from the city. The transportation route is convenient. The place has an outstanding natural feature. Major tourism spots include nature study route in Khok Phu Taka Resource Protection area, Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum, Phu Wiang National Park. The district also possesses outstanding art and culture and local wisdom in handicraft which is an identity of the area. The place is convenient for a visit with restaurants, homestay accommodation. The community expects to develop in tourism so that there are more tourists visiting the place, bringing more income to the people. It is hoped that the tourism spots there are widely known among tourists.

Tourists were invited to join the activities organized by “Phu Wiang Tourism Club” during the long weekend September 4-7, 2020. Activities included taking at least 5 pictures with tourism places, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, homestay, temples and places in Phu Wiang-Wiang Kao and then sending the photos through the inbox to Phu Wiang Tourism Club. This was the competition to win VIP tourist shirt specially made for this occasion. These shirts are not for selling anywhere. Tourists were also able to walk around using the map of the old town that brings them to all key tourism places in Phu Wiang-Wiang Kao.


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