KKU students win the third place in the national “Korfball”

KKU Korfball team joined the second general “Thailand Korfball Games” and won the third place 

          Khon Kaen University Korfball team joined the second “Thailand General Korfball Games” which was organized by Thailand Korfball Association, International Korfball Federation of Asia (IKF ASIA), and North University Bangkok represented by Dr. Pattama Rubsuwannakul, Vice President of North University Bangkok, the Vice President of the Association on September 9-13, 2019 at North University Bangkok, Sapanmai District, Bangkok.

          This year’s Korfball game was classified into three groups, the first for children aged not over 12 years, the second for young people aged lower than 16 years, and the third for people in general. The first two were the Korfball Category 4 and the third group was the Korfball Category 8. 

          Khon Kaen University Korfball team comprises students from Faculties of Education, Engineering, and Sciences, with Asst. Prof. Jaroonsak Pantawisit as the team manager and Mr. Wachirawit Piakhamlue as the coach. The team joined the competition with support from Cho. Thawee Cp.Ltd., and Woranithat Co. Ltd.

          The second “Thailand General Korfball Games” this time was joined by 8 teams including: SWU Team, Devil Ant Team, Sam Huang Team, Kasetsat University Team (Kampaengsan), Khon Kaen University Team, North University Bangkok Team, Puranawas Secondary School Team, and Rajabhat University Surin Team. The competition went on with a lot of excitement and KKU team finally won the third place.

          Even though Korfball is a new kind of game and the national competition has been organized in the country for the second time, it is a kind of game that inspires Thai people and athletes to become players. 

News: Wachara Noichompoo
Photos: Asst. Prof. Jaroonsak Pantawisit

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