KKU students open a center to assist flood victims

A center has been set up to coordinate work on assistance of flood victims so that the lots of donated articles will be dispatched to them in time

      KKU Student Organization sets up a temporary center to receive donated articles for the flood victims in the Northeast, with accelerating dispatch to Banphai and the vicinity first before other areas. The center calls for donation of foods and consumption goods, drinking water, and clothes. Donation can be done from now until September 4, 2019 at the center for assisting flood victims, Ground Floor, Student Activity Building, Student Organization of Khon Kaen University.   

Miss Tanyares Srikaew, Student Organization President
Miss Tanyares Srikaew, Student Organization President

      Miss Tanyares Srikaew, Student Organization President said that this project emerges from the agreement made by members of Student Organization and representatives of Student Unions of all faculties to help people who are in trouble from the floods as can be seen from the news. There are also some students’ families in trouble themselves. Other students perceive the hard time of all of the flood victims and want to express their cooperation in the assistance.

      Miss Tanyares added that after the intention is known with the news spread out, other universities’ organizations contacted KKUSO in order to support us. KKU also is being interested and has assigned Division of Communications to help coordinate with other agencies for labor and transportation to the flooded areas. People now have begun to bring articles to the center. Many students went out to buy medicines and other things they could afford for donation, which is impressive.

     “Khon Kaen University has a mission of social responsibility until we received the first honorable award of the country in this respect. We all are proud of this mission and it has been instilled among all of us to assist the society as much as we can. Therefore, the activities done by Student Organization, Unions and Clubs are geared towards instilling the sense of voluntary spirits among those who join. Everything we do, we do with strong intention even though some of them may be little,” SO president said. 

      At the center, many students, staff and people who learned about the news continued coming to donate many articles. Student Organization has arranged volunteers to move the donated articles and thanked the donators. 

     Miss Busarin Khianman, a senior professional nurse of Kalasin Hospital came a long way from Kalasin with her daughter, Parin Khianman, an ex-student of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine bringing articles to donate. Miss Busarin said, “Students’ activities to help the society are beautiful and should be supported. I appreciate the action for I myself met KKU medicine students who took practicum work at Kalasin Hospital and saw that the students were nice and behaved well. They must be quality personnel in the future.” 

      Those who want to assist people who are suffering from the flood can do so at Student Organization, Ground Floor, Student Activity Building, Khon Kaen University, which can be at any time. For more information, please contact Student Organization, Tel. 098-2731121 or 084-4099690.

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News: Udomchai Supannawong

Photos: Boriphat Thasi and Udomchai Supannawong

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