COLA KKU joins EIU, under the Becamex Group in Vietnam, to hold an MOU signing ceremony for collaboration in exchanges of students and staff

November 3, 2022 – Assoc. Prof. Peerasit Khamnuansil, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Local Administration, Khon Kaen University went to sign an MOU with the Eastern International University (EIU), Social Republic of Vietnam. Dr. Ngo Minh Duc, President of the Eastern International University, signed for EIU. Witnesses of the two institutions were Mr. Nguyễn Tấn Lợi, Chairman of EIU Council, administrators and staff of COLA, KKU. EIU is a university founded with the mission to develop advanced education at the international level to meet the needs of the market; and to prepare manpower to respond to requirements of businesses in the Becamex Group. EIU is another key organization of Vietnam’s Becamex Group. The MOU was signed with the following concrete implementation plans:

1) EIU supports COLA to host the 7th International Conference on Local Government in Thailand in November. This financial support is 5,000 US dollars. EIU will send 5 administrators to join the conference.

2) EIU is pleased to send about 5 native-speaker English instructors to COLA for 2 weeks to upgrade the English skills for COLA students at the beginning of 2023. The activities will be in the form of English camp and learning activities that will lead to an English language ecological system.

3) EIU is pleased to host COLA students who are under the cooperative Education program, or who want to train or study under a practicum program abroad in 2023. The students will obtain real experiences from EIU and work places under the Becamex Group.

4) EIU will send 2 staff members to study at the doctoral level in the Doctor of Public Administration Program of COLA at the beginning of 2023.

5) COLA will assist EIU to extend the collaboration to other relevant faculties/ colleges in Khon Kaen University, such as in the fields of medicine, nursing, engineering, IT, local economic development, business administration, and entrepreneurship development.

EIU is a prototype of the new-era international university that aims to respond to the employment market. With this vision, the university has designed programs that link the upstream, middle stream and downstream dimensions. Nowadays, 95% of Graduates from EIU are employed. More importantly, the university completely links with the Becamex businesses. Thus, it will be a good chance for faculties and colleges in Khon Kaen University to build a network and collaboration with EIU in the future.

News: Jitladda Saenta




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