KKU holds the Cultural Trip 2022 for foreign students to enhance multi-cultural learning

August 30-31, 2022 – Division of International Affairs, Khon Kaen University organized a project to enhance Thai culture learning for foreign students (Cultural Trip 2022) at Dong Lan Sub-district, Sri Chompoo District, Khon Kaen. The number of foreign students of KKU, both under the graduate and undergraduate levels, was 30 students from 8 countries, namely, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, India, German, and Mexico. The Cultural trip 2022 was aimed at opening up a chance for foreign students to participate in the multi-cultural exchanges, and enhance their knowledge of community lifestyle as well as to strengthen good relationship between the foreign students and KKU officers.

The participants on this occasion went to carry out activities under the theme: “Local Thai Herb”. The activities were for transferring village and local wisdom through lectures and demonstration. The students learn to make balm from herbs. The next part was tracking in the conserved forest area of Na Udom Village, Dong Lan Sub-district. This was continued by another interesting activity where the students learned to make colors and paint from natural coloring stones (Painting Stones). The last activity was relationship strengthening activity, for participants to exchange their views and draw conclusions from the different activities.

The foreign students said that they were impressed with the activities and that the activities really added to their experiences in multiple cultures. Moreover, they made friends among themselves. The students then thanked the Division of International Affairs and all who helped organize the event for the fun and useful activities. They hoped that the Division will organize this kind of activities again in the future.

News / Photos: Division of International Affairs



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