KKU Library holds the metaverse event of serious games and game design

February 3, 2022 for 12:45 to 16:00 p.m. – Khon Kaen University held an event: “Into the world of Serious Games & Game Design”, which was run by Asst. Prof. Witcha Fuangchan, Ph.D., an expert from the Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University and Khun Teerawat Mathuros, a freelance game developer with high experiences who has won a lot of awards from various venues, and also a special lecturer and trainer in game design. The event took place at the Meeting Space, 2nd Floor, Information Center Building. The event featured hybrid learning both online through Facebook Live and onsite at the KKU Library. The number of participants was limited to only 25 people, who strictly observed Covid-19 screening measures.

The event was honored to have Assoc. Prof. Suphat Seenawat, M.D., Director of the KKU Library to open the workshop. Assoc. Prof. Suphat explained about the provision of VR Headsets at KKU Library. “KKU Library is aware of the importance in building opportunities, enhancing learning environment for the society, especially learning acquisition through modern technologies that will prepare the civil citizens of Khon Kaen University to step in time with the changes of the future.”

At the event, there was discussion under the topic, “Game Design & Serious Games”, which emphasized the learning and development of new skills and the change of attitudes of gamers towards the objectives laid by the game designer. Asst. Prof. Witcha Fuangchan and Khun Teerawat Mathuros demonstrated how to use VR Oculus Quest 2 in order to experience the virtual world with VR tools & model test and the VR serious game of explosive demining, or training to use surgery tools. The latter will help students in the health science fields to learn and understand anatomy better from the virtual world that offers the structure in 3 dimensions. Asst. Prof. Witcha Fuangchan added, “When knowledge coincides with technology, many innovations can be created. I’d like everyone to try to experience this and open your vision to “game” that will give you something more useful than just entertainment.”

News / photos: Akkrima Soommat


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