Another advanced step: “KKU Production House” for the digital era, supporting production of media for online instruction, free of charge for KKU ajarns and students

February 3, 2020 from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. – Khon Kaen University held an opening event for the “KKU Production House” by the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovations. The house will be providing service of venue with equipment for production of instructional media and supporting activities of faculties and institutes in Khon Kaen University. Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University presided over the opening ceremony. Asst. Prof. Denpong Soodphakdee, Ph.D., Vice President for Digital gave the reporting speech. Attendants included the University administrators, deans of different faculties, and digital media personnel. The event took place at the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovations, 7th Floor, Information Center Building.

Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University explained that the Production House is one mechanism to propel the University’s Education Transformation policy. It will support the transformation of the development of learning media. The media must from now on be of high quality and answer the Learning Style of all types of learners who will not only be those completing Grade 12 from schools, but will also be of any age group. The production house founded by the University is expected to be a good start for the lecturers and students to produce their learning media or build new learning experiences by means of new and modern media. The ultimate goal of the production house will be the building of impacts on a new paradigm of learning that allows learners to learn at all time according to their interest and allows instructors to design their own methods based on their expertise through the new media and technologies. The “KKU Production House” will provide support and facilitate the production of quality learning media that respond to each learner’s learning style in this era.

Asst. Prof. Denpong Soodphakdee, Ph.D., Vice President for Digital added about the background of the KKU Production House that the present educational system is changing in accordance with the advance in technologies. The former classroom teaching is changing into a mixture of onsite and online teaching. There are different learning platforms available that can be both free of charge or with charging fees, as well as the platforms developed by the university to serve lecturers, personnel and students. The KKU Production House is founded under the Khon Kaen University’s Strategic Plans of 2020-2023. The Center for Teaching and Learning Innovations and the Digital Section take responsibilities in developing the KKU Production House as a place for producing media for ajarns and students. The house will provide services in 3 forms: Self-Service Studio, Mini Studio, and Main Studio. Different resources will also be provided to support learning media for online instruction (online learning production house), for instance:

Hardware for developing online lessons and media including video camera, computer, microphone, studio lightings, and a device for alternating image and sound

Provision of software for developing media and online lessons…. .Training will be scheduled for the lecturers in the use of the software such as Ebook Interactive, programs for meetings, Streamyard, programs for live broadcast, (Vmix), and animation production program (Powtoon).

There will be experts in instructional design and media production available for consulting. The experts are from the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovations. A network for digital media production will be built that consists of 23 experts in media production from the various faculties and institutes in KKU. The House will accept students under the professional training program to develop their skills in media production.

The learning environment will be developed for students to improve their digital skills, including 2 Self-Service Studios, 2 Mini Studios and 4 each of the Main Studio, Working Space and Smart Classroom.

There will be service for content development and development of online media and lessons.

A means will be made for publicizing online lessons through the University’s platforms: KKUx, Digiclass, e-Learning, Digital Learning, KKU Exam.

Asst. Prof. Anucha Somabutr, Ph.D., Acting Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovations added about the target group and the importance of the KKU Production House. “The first target group is the lecturers and personnel of the University who need to develop course content to match the learners’ learning style. It is not only video production, but the KKU Production House will also provide Interactive Content media including E-book, Interactive Book and Interactive Video. The second group is the students. Today, students have to encounter new media, or digital. Therefore, they must have the digital technology skill, information skill, which are the soft skills required. When technologies change, the students’ skill sets must also be changed. If students have not been trained or have this experience, when they are employed in the future, they may have to learn from the start. Therefore, we have to build the experience for the students now. The KKU Production House will be another ecology for students to acquire their own experience, especially in the field related to content production where we have experts to assist all through the process, before and after the content production, too. KKU students will hopefully be full of experience and ready to do their future job. For ajarns and personnel, production of multiple types of media will be emphasized.

After the opening ceremony, the event featured demonstration of the systems in the KKU Production House, which are: 1) the Mini Studio 2 for designing interactive video for e-Learning by Dr. Chaiyapong Ruangsuwan from the Faculty of Sciences; 2) the on-field production – recording teaching with a high frame-rate camera by Asst. Prof. Supannika Phutthachalee from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Asst. Prof. Rasamee Lekporn, Ph.D., from the Faculty of Sciences; 3) the main studio – for designing course activities (Here some students recorded a video clip for invitation to come to the KKU Production House) by the President and Assoc. Prof. Wissapa Chaichuay, Ph.D., from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; 4) the Self-Service Studio – for OBS instruction recording by Asst. Prof. Sumontha Kasemwilas, Ph.D., from the Faculty of Sciences; 5) the Mini Studio 1 – for recording music and sound cutting by Asst. Prof. Pongpittaya Sammaso, Ph.D., from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts; and 6) the working space – the graphic design room for teaching and learning.

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