KKU stepping ahead by producing a video clip entitled: KKU Outlook 2021, aiming to be a world-class R&D university

Khon Kaen University is in the progress of producing VDO that is aimed at conveying KKU’s image under the concept and policy of KKU Transformation. The video clip will also reflect the University’s growth towards being a world-class research and development university. The implementation is in accordance with the University’s People, Ecological, and Spiritual missions. The Division of Communications of Khon Kaen University is taking this responsibility in producing and managing the video making process. The video is expected to be ready for publicizing in December this year.

The main objective of this job is to communicate the good images of Khon Kaen University and to public relate different information, according to the KKU Transformation policy, to the public and overseas organizations and individuals. Departments, faculties, and institutes in Khon Kaen University are able to incorporate the KKU Outlook 2021 video in their activities as seen appropriate, especially when dealing with public relation of the University to international entities, with which KKU has performed different collaborations, in academic, research, academic services, and nurturing of art and culture. The Khon Kaen University Outlook 2021 video contains outstanding works and KKU identity.

The main concept and content of the video emphasize Khon Kaen University with its dedication to become a “World-class Research and Development University”, while at the same time it still retains the being of a university with social values. With reference to this, there are indicators that measure the success in being accepted worldwide. The University’s policies and missions that have been established are included in the KKU Outlook 2021 VDO, with the good images of the University that are to be reflected to individuals and organizations both in the country and abroad.

On September 20, 2021, a worshipping ceremony for the producing of Khon Kaen University Outlook 2021 VDO was performed, which is a ritual Thai people do when initiating or beginning to do something important. The event, which took place at Sirikunakorn Building, was attended by Ajarn Natsamol Thanakulrungsarit, Assistant to the President for Special Affairs, Khun Chumporn Para Director of the Communications Division, and many other KKU staff members.

News: Natthawut Jaruwong

Photos: Boriphat Thasi


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