KKU congratulates Khon Kaen Province on the opening occasion of the Treasury Museum, a learning resource for Thai currency

Saturday September 25, 2021 – Ajarn Natsamol Tanakulrungsarit, Assistant to the President for Special Affairs of Khon Kaen University went to congratulate Khon Kaen Province on the occasion of the opening of the Treasury Museum of Khon Kaen. The Museum is situated in the heart of the city on a corner of Srichan and Klang Muang Roads. The Department of Treasury founded the Museum on the Royal property land under the intention to develop a learning resource of Thai currency and Northeast coinage. There is inside space for holding multiple creative activities for Khon Kaen people and people nearby.

The Treasury Museum was designed by modifying the building of the National Bank of Thailand, Northeastern Office, the lease of which had terminated. The National Bank returned this piece of Royal property land, and thus the Department of treasury built the museum on it. The design was done with an aim to create a friendly place for public use so that different activities can be arranged for all groups of people including, in particular, the new generation, youths and children. The end result will be the optimal use of the place. Facilities and utilities have been provided with equal access to all, based on the architectural universal design.

The province was honored to have the Minister of the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Akhom Termpittayapaisit presiding over the opening ceremony. Among the honorable guests and host were Mr. Santi Phrompat, Deputy Minister, Mr. Kritsada Jeenavijarana, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry; Dr. Somsak Jungtrakoon, Khon Kaen Governor and Mr. Yuthana Yimkarun, Director of the Department of Treasury.

A key mission of the Department of Treasury is to manage museums and learning resources, where the works and responsibilities of the Department can be exhibited, especially the valuable assets of the State, which comprise coinages of different eras and other related assets. The exhibition is meant to increase knowledge and understanding of the evolution of Thai currency from the past to the president for the youths, students and general public.

At present, the Department of Treasury has its museums and learning resources in the central region and other regions for people to learn about the coinage and lifestyles of people. In Bangkok, there are the Kasapananurak Musuem and Banglamphu Museum, while Treasury Museums have been founded in Chiangmai, Songkhla, and Khon Kaen, the latter being the new and first one in the Northeast.


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