KKU listens to the public by having community and radio network suggest means to improve knowledge dissemination to the community through networking

Khon Kaen University by the Special Affairs Section and Communications Division has been carrying out the collaborative network project for disseminating knowledge to the community. Information that is useful for people’s daily life from the various organizations in KKU is compiled and publicized through the KKU Radio Network and the community radio broadcasting. This responds to the policy and the strategies in social responsibilities through the Creating of Shared Value (CSV), which enhances the University’s image and builds good conscience among KKU people.

September 21, 2020 at Khum Sithan Room, Cultural Center, Khon Kaen University – an annual 2020 meeting was held for the Community Radio Network for Disseminating Knowledge to the Community. Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University presided over the opening of the meeting and presented certificates to the Community Network, Radio Network, Official Organizations’ representatives. Ajarn Natsamon Tanakulraungsarit, Assistant to the President for Special Affairs gave a reporting speech. Khun Chumporn Para, Director of Communications Division made a conclusion of the work during the fiscal year 2020 and the working plan for the fiscal year 2021. Over 60 people from the communities, official organizations and schools in the vicinity including Community Radio Network, volunteers and the media joined.

Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University
Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University

After the opening ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Charnchai gave an interview to the media about the KKU’s working goal for the community. Khon Kaen University, as well as other institutions, have 4 missions and one of these is academic services. KKU has chosen the target communities and has carried out many development projects for the communities such as the Poverty Mitigation Project. For the areas around the campus, which vary from one to another, KKU has planned a lot of activities for them. Together with these communities, KKU will assist in building things of benefits to them. The communications network, especially the community radio network is an important tool to publicize news and missions to the public. Therefore, the cooperation in doing activities for benefits of the people around the campus and the collaborative building in public relation network would enable communication of news and information to the public in a broad circle.

This project has the principle objective to build good cooperation between the radio broadcasting and the University to disseminate news and knowledge from KKU to the public. This answers KKU’s Principle pillar and strategy, namely, the First Pillar: People, by giving values to the community and by learning and sharing of knowledge in radio broadcasting among KKU Radio Station, Community Radio Station and Community’s News Broadcast. At the meeting, all participants were invited to brainstorm their ideas in 4 key issues: propelling community network and Community Radio, Development Projects the community want from KKU, development of public relation and communications of KKU for the outside public, and problems, obstacles, and recommendations for publicize campaigns from KKU.

Ajarn Urai Patthapong, a Senior Professional Director from Nongphai-Modindaeng School, said that what KKU should publicize to the public is bodies of knowledge. As a school in the area, they needs to acquire knowledge from the university, in academic, in things around us and in what are useful for daily living. Besides, KKU should first communicate to the community, as this increases the faith among the community nearby, who loves, trusts and has confidence towards the University.

“This kind of activity is excellent. We see with our eyes from the conclusions of work outcomes what Khon Kaen University has done, which are more than we believe. It is even more impressive, listening to what are planned to be done in the future, which are all beneficial to us,” Ajarn Urai Patthapong said.

“Khon Kaen University also depends on the people, especially those around the campus, in terms of cooperation in various activities. At least two thirds of the university’s staff and students live outside   and so we have been taken care of by the community. This is because of good cooperation and coordination,” the President said.

Khun Prasert Suwannasit, Director of Smile FM101 Radio Station and Thai News gave his opinions that Khon Kaen University has a lot of academics and competent researchers, with useful knowledge that is interesting to the youths and people. What the community would like to be extended to the public is in art and culture and activities that contain specific knowledge. This is interesting and is useful in instilling principles in people. In terms of communications, they would like KKU to pay attention to the teenagers or the new generation. KKU also has this generation of people who has skill in computer and online uses.

“Radio media is ready to collaborate with the University in all aspects. We have the network in over 20 districts possessing communications potential. If KKU can draw these organizations to collaborate, KKU will be able to broadcast certain knowledge to the youths, who are keen to listen to news and information from KKU,” said Khun Prasert Suwannasit.

Khun Sumarin Kanjanawarangkoon, a committee member of Adulyaram Temple Community said she would like KKU to be close to the community in terms of communications because the community is just next door and 80% of those living there are KKU personnel and students. Apart from communications, if KKU can assist and look at some of the problems such as traffic, strayed dogs, etc. for the safety and convenience of life of residents in this area. Up to now, in addition to representatives from different parts, the project has been extended to the volunteer groups, “EGAT Volunteers” and “Ban Saen Rak”, who also attended this meeting.

Khun Niraporn Ratanatip, an EGAT volunteer and the moderator of “Ban Saen Rak” related that “Ban Saen Rak” is a program that promotes programs and activities and was awarded a prize for an outstanding program for promoting family. There is a supporting network for the programs and the group has cooperated in many activities of KKU. Khun Niraporn suggested that KKU should incorporate more programs for the youths and community services should be organized for a longer period to cover more people. The project can also be extended to other voluntary groups to build more cooperation.

“Every time, we are communicated by means of an invitation letter, inviting us to join in different activities, of which we are honored. We joined nearly every time. One media that reaches people is the radio, and the community leader, including FM103,” Khun Sumarin said.

From this meeting, there has been presentation that calls for opinions from participants in order to add into the 2021 activity plan. The following has been planned with cooperation from all groups concerned:  1) Development project for communication channels between KKU and community network through KKU Radio and by means of participatory programs, training in organizing programs, meetings and visits to listen to the public.  2) Network building project to disseminate knowledge to the community. This is continuing and will be carried out by producing and sending radio spots, documentaries and news in different categories to the community network. 3) KKU Radio DJ. Contest, to be done by inviting students and the general public to compete against one another in being a quality DJ.

Most of the participants agree to support the planned operations of the University, seeing the benefits that will arise to the community. The meeting organizers have noted what have been suggested and discussed for the next-step procedure and efficiency of the planned projects that meet the intention of the community.

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News / Photos: Udomchai Supannawong

Photos: Natthawut Jaruwong

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