KKU solves poverty problem by acquiring a lesson from the “Khu Siaw Kiaw Koi Kae Jon” for Khon Kaen people

August 18, 2020 – Strategic Research and Collaboration for Northeast Development Institute of Khon Kaen University led by Ajarn Weera Phakuthai joined in the seminar on “Getting a Lesson Learned from the Pairing with Government Officials project: “Khu Siaw Kiaw Koi Kae Jon” for Khon Kaen people after the project has been carried out for one year. Mr. Sattha Khotpalayuk, Vice Governor of Khon Kaen presided over the opening ceremony.

The seminar on Pairing with Officials was organized by Office of Community Development of Khon Kaen, which is the secretarial office of the “Khu Siaw Kiaw Koi Kae Jon” project for Khon Kaen people. The officials of Khon Kaen have been paired with poor families since 2019 to support and assist the poverty problems of 1,174 households. The assistance has been in the form of supports, training, developing occupation, and finding market for poor households’ produces.

Ajarn Weera Phakuthai revealed that this seminar, Khon Kaen University by Strategic Research and Collaboration for Northeast Development Institute presented the projects  carried to mitigate poverty problems according to the principle of sufficiency economy in 8 provinces in the Northeast from 2014 until now. Brainstorming was made among the over 250 participants and the major problems of poor families summarized to analyze how they could be supported. The key problem found is: no subsistence land. KKU model has been proposed for the solution of this problem such as asking for the information of land according to socio-geographical aspect, requesting to use public land to allocate to potential households. As for the problem of the pairing with officials, the problems found include: limited budget and shortage of personnel. The results of the seminar have been concluded to report to the administrators with approaches of mitigation proposed for future strategic and proactive planning.


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