KKU holds the “Great Mo Lam Festival” with 24 bands as soft power to celebrate the 60th KKU Anniversary, Oct 9-11, 2023

September 23, 2023 – Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen Municipality and Mo Lam Klon and Story Association met the press to release news on the biggest Molam Festival in Thailand, which is entitled “The 60th KKU Anniversary Mo Lam Festival”. The aim is to enhance the soft power of Isan culture and Thai economy. Over 24 Mo Lam bands have accepted to perform at the festival and reported at the press release today with a lot of news correspondents. The event took place at the Auditorium of Khon Kaen University Science Park.

Celebration of KKU’s 60th Anniversary at Mo Lam Festival, promoting soft power of Isan culture

Khon Kaen University has the key mission to campaign on the promotion of art and culture, and cultural industry development, which is the national cultural capital that will lead to enhance creative economy. Mo Lam is one business that raises incomes for the people, the community and the country and thus suits the present situation.

Assoc. Prof. Niyom Wongpongkham, Ph.D., Vice President for Art, Culture, and Creative Economy of Khon Kaen University revealed, “The Art, Culture and Creative Economy Section has carried out works on supporting performances of Mo Lam so that the artists have the venue to present the values of Isan art and cultural performances that also lead to deployment of creative economy in culture and to drive forward Mo Lam as the soft power of the future.”

Mr. Teerasak Teekayupan, Khon Kaen Municipality Mayor said that up to now, the economy of all provinces have received impact from the Covid pandemic and the rapidly advanced technologies. Mo Lam bands have adjusted themselves under the ever-changing situation, such as by Live show. This assisted them to move on. Therefore, this event would confirm that we all are prepared to preserve the graceful Isan culture and attract Thai and foreign tourists to Khon Kaen, a city with convenient transportation, 5-star hotels, thousands of condominium units, and strong security and traffic systems, all of which support the vision of Khon Kaen Province to become a pleasant city to live, and a regional-connecting economic center.

New generation of Mo Lam to enhance art works

The event was joined by many new-generation Mo Lam artists such as Tao Yong from Rabiab Wathasilpa Band; Boy Sirichai from Jai Koen Roi Band; Ung-Ing Petbanpaeng from Sao Noi Petbanpaeng Band; and Bew Jitchareeya from Prathom Banthoengsilpa Band. Adolescent Mo Lam artists form the country’s next step to succeed the culture and at the same time adjust themselves to the present age.

Mr. Sumit Ponlam, Chairman of Mo Lam Story and Poem Association thanked Khon Kaen University for organizing such event to support and promote indigenous Mo Lam artists to have a place to present the values in the performance of Isan art and culture so that it will be more broadly known. Mo Lam stages can build secure jobs and incomes and can build the conscience in the pride of the new generation people who love to conserve and retain Mo Lam into the future.

Mr. Pookan Purisai or Boy Sirichai, Head of Jai Koen Roi Band said, “Time has changed a lot. We learn from our father, mother and teachers. If it is not for these ancestors, today will never happen. What we succeed with is the Lam poem and we add the fun part by dancing in the present style in order to reach the adolescent group. This Mo Lam Festival will be the biggest, for all bands will join, which is very difficult. So do not miss the event on this coming October 9-11.”

Mrs. Urai Chimluang or Mae Noknoi Uraiporn, an executive of Siang Isan Band said, “This Festival is like extending the being of Mo Lam after the Covid. It is also the demonstration of the power of Mo Lam all over Thailand, to show our intention to succeed this Thai culture to stay long into the future. Please come and support us.”

“The 60th KKU Anniversary Mo Lam Festival” is scheduled on October 9-11, 2023 at Si Than Lake, Khon Kaen University. There are 24 Mo Lam bands joining in the performance as follows:

Monday October 9, 2023:

Jai Koen Roi Band, Rabiab Wathasilpa Band, Khwan Jai Fan Band, Pet Lam Ploen Band, Noo Parn Wisetsin Band, Rung Siam Wathasilpa Band, Watjanasilpa Band, Duan Pen Amnuayporn Band, and Mae Ratri Sriwilai, a the National Artist

Tuesday October 10, 2023:

Ratanasilpa Inta Thai Rat Band, Prathom Banthoengsilpa Band, Kaen Nakhon Banthoengsilpa Band, Silapin Phu Thai Band, Sao Noi Pet Ban Paeng Band, Nueng Pet Muangchai Band, Silpin Muang Chumphae Band, Somjit Bothong Band, and Mrs. Jintana Yensawat, and Isan Heritage Artist.

Wednesday October 11, 2023:

Kham Phun Ruam Mitr Band, Isan Nakhon Silpa Band, Siang Isan Band, Bua Rim Bueng Rung Lam Ploen Band, San Lao Banthoengsilpa Band, Neung Rungtiwa Amnuaysilpa Band, Neung Nampet Prasansilpa Band, Song Neung Sam Band, and Mrs. Wnadee Ponthongsathit, an Isan Heritage Artist.

News: Jiraporn Prathomchai




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