A lecturer from Faculty of Interdisciplinary Sciences granted a Creator Award in Social Field; the lecturer presents the work in “Thailand Synergy for Thai SMES”

Thursday August 25, 2022 – Assoc. Prof. Chayada Surawanitkul, Ph.D., a lecturer of the Department of Technology and Engineering, Faculty of Interdisciplinary Sciences, Khon Kaen University Nongkhai Campus who is the developer of the Product “ORTELRA”, an acne cream made from the extract of organic pennywort was granted a “Creator Award” in the social field from the 7th innovation awards 2022, for the works that benefit the economy, society and the country. Her work was one out of 20 that received the awards in social business innovation. All together there were over 200 items submitted for the competition. CP All Public Company signed an MOU with 11 organizations under the National Innovation Collaboration Project. Every year the event: “Thailand Synergy for Thai SMEs” is organized. The event announces and presents awards of “7 Innovation Awards” to those who win the prizes. This year the event was held at Pirat Hall, Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center, Bangna, Bangkok. The objectives are to promote and support new products or research works of both governmental and private organizations as well as of SME entrepreneurs and the new Start up groups in Thailand and to expand the marketing channels so that they could grow towards their success, and Thailand innovations will grow more and more.

The acne cream is made from the extract of organic pennywort. It has been made under the CSV (Creating Shared Value) business. Three groups have been working together, including the farmer group, who grows organic pennywort and, the chemical and pharmaceutical group, who carries out research and development of the end product, and the entrepreneur group, who launches the product to the market. The income will partly be used to support the farming of organic herbs in the Northeast in order to build sustainable occupation for farmers. The work has also been subsidized by the Northeast Science Park of Khon Kaen University.

The Science Park director, Dr. Apirachai Wongsriworapon, on this occasion, presented ORTELRA baskets to Dr. Sumet Tantiwechakul, a Committee Member and Secretary of Chaipatana Foundation and the administrators.

News: Assoc. Prof. Chayada Surawanitkul, Ph.D

Source of photos: Facebook Page 7Innovation Awards


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