Ex-Architecture students win the first prize from Projection Mapping Contest

Congratulations to Mr. Ratthanan Dokkhamthitipan, Miss Warangkana Intarapreecha, Miss Irawadee Inlaoyai and Miss Pornchanok Paladkong, former students of the Faculty of Architecture, Khon Kaen University for their winning the first prize from the Projection Mapping Contest at the Isan Creative Festival 2022. The contest was in a team called “Team Phod Pho” where contesters submitted their design of Projection Mapping Show under the concept of traveling with “koeb” or sandals, the most favorable item of Isan people that takes you along the path of life with a cool concept and activity favored by Isan people, as Isan people called themselves: “Chic Isan people”.

The light, color and sound performance achieved through ‘Projection Mapping’ links the design and creative ideas with local cultures, which can be “Mo Lam” or music that always adapts itself, or “Hoop Taem’, the murals that depict stories, lifestyles and cultures of Isan folks. These present the potentiality and promote tourism in a new form in Khon Kaen, and are the activities at the Isan Creative Festival 2022. The event was organized by the Office of Creative Economy Promotion (Public Organization) or CEA and Khon Kaen Province.

Information: Pornchanok Paladkong

Photos: Page: Isan Creative Festival

News: Kannaphat Sirikiat


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