KKU Library opens an ultramodern learning resource through metaverse experience

Khon Kaen University Library opens an ultramodern learning resource through “Metaverse Experience” with awareness of the rapid changes in the present digital era in which metaverse experience is a benefit. The Library thus provides the VR Headsets that enhance learning through metaverse experience for students and the public. The VR headsets are now available for all to try at the 9th Isa Book Festival, at the Golden Jubilee Convention Center, Khon Kaen University. The aim is to promote Quality Education for ALL according to the 4th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG4), especially in giving access in education to the people (Community Outreach) via learning activities in different dimensions.

Assoc. Prof. Suphat Seenawat, M.D., Director of the KKU Library explained that Khon Kaen University has a policy to promote all departments, faculties, and institutes in the University to conduct activities that encourage Lifelong Learning. Khon Kaen University Library, as the Learning Center for ALL, is aware of the importance of educational access for all groups of the society. Therefore, the Library has developed its different missions to support multiplicity of learning. For example, the learning platforms online has been improved for the public in order to develop life skills through various learning programs; the meeting space of the Library for meetings, learning and sharing among community people free of charge; or provision of advanced equipment that encourages learning such as the VR headset that will enhance creative learning imagination. All of these will lead to the University becoming the Learning Society.

To promote the said targets, KKU Library has introduced the VR Headset, which is the equipment comparable to a bridge that will take learners to acquire new knowledge through metaverse experiences. The VR headsets are now available for everyone to experiment on at the 9th Isan Book Festival from October 27 until November 2, 2021 at the Golden Jubilee Convention Center of Khon Kaen University. Up to now, there have been a lot of students and the public checking out this ultramodern learning device.

After checking out, the following users shared their experiences:

“It really opened my world vision. It was like a real world. Very good. I want to try it again.”

  • User from College of Local Administration

“Superb. It’s something new that I’ve never seen before. It’s only the matter of learning how to use it for older people.”

  • Miss Ratchaneekorn Inlek, a government retiree

“This is the first time I’ve tried the VR Headset. I see the world I’ve never seen before. It made me feel I was at the bottom of the sea, like I was diving. It was frightening to see a shark approaching me! If this is used for education, it will be very good. It really brings new experiences.”

  • A 4th year student from the Faculty of Sciences

“VR Headset brings us into a virtual world. It is interesting and entertaining. For instruction, it enhances the imagination. We can become anyone when we wear it.”

  • A Khon Kaen citizen

“I had a chance to play Fun Block. It was fun. But I wanted to see NASA, for I’ve never been there. An officer told my mom that KKU offers this at the Library. I just want to study in KKU.”

  • A third grader, Mahathaisuksa School.

“It was fun. I’ve never seen it before. It’s better than a game. It was a tour app where I could walk on a glass walkway. I was afraid to cross it. There’s no such thing at the school. I want to try it again.”

  • A sixth grader, Ban Samliam School

For those interested, please visit and try it at the Book Festival or at the KKU Library and the libraries of all faculties in Khon Kaen University. For more details, visit Khon Kaen University Library Facebook Page.

News / Photos: Nitiya Sriworadetpaisan

Photos: Isan Book Festival


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