U2T, Faculty of Agriculture, KKU, builds supplementary occupation by training villagers on soap making from natural oil

October 18, 2021 – The Integrated Tambon Socio-Economic Upgrading Project team (University to Tambon) led by Ajarn Sukalaya Choenkhwan, Ph.D. and Khun Parichat Hanchaiyana, Manager of the Natural Friend Association, Kalasin, who was the trainer of the workshop, visited the site at Ban Nongsaeng, Phosai Sub-district, Srisomdet District, Roi-et, to run the workshop on making soap from natural oil. The purpose of this training is to build a supplementary occupation for the villagers, so that the villagers learn how to transform the indigenous resources in their locality into products that can be used in the household and hence reduce the expense of the family. At the same time, the products can be sold in the market and add values to the community goods, add to the occupational opportunities in the community, reduce unemployment and build good relationship among the villagers.

This training was organized owing to the needs of the housewife group and the elderly group in the community to spend their leisure time fruitfully and to use the resources in the locality to make items that can be of use around the household. Khun Parichat Hanchaiyana, Manager of the Natural Friend Association, Kalasin, first gave a lecture about the basic information related to soap making and explained the value of soap to the skin health if the soap is made from herbs. In addition, the trainer demonstrated 3 formulas of soap making, one is glycerin, the second is the cold formula soap from natural oil, including palm oil, soy oil, sesame oil, olive oil, coconut oil and rice bran oil, and the third is the herbal soap mixed with other plants in the area.

The project leaders thanked Khun Parichat Hanchaiyana for the training and the villagers of Ban Nongsaeng, Phosai Sub-district, Srisomdet District, Roi-et for their cooperation. It was hoped that the training will be useful for the community and the communities nearby in raising more earnings to their families under the hardship from the spread of Covid-19 at present.


News: Aiyada Janthapanya (U2T team at Phosai Sub-district)


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