Khon Kaen University: Research Center of Excellence

Khon Kaen University (KKU)’s vision to become a leading world –class university is in line with the mission that KKU has been assigned to be the "Center of knowledge” based on the wisdom of local communities and society, together with the commitment as a university of academic excellence.

Several working agencies have been established in all fields to establish mission goals for research and technology transfer in line with the goal to develop the university as a research center of academic excellence.

These agencies include the Office of Research Management, the Office of Royally-initiated Projects and a total of 26 research centers of excellence and research specialist groups, 7 research institutes, 50 research centers and groups supporting and promoting research to university staff and personnel which are also provided with research funds from KKU’s 40th year anniversary establishment of its Research Fund, and other funding sources. These research centers aim to help support and promote the research work of university personnel and staff.

Additionally, KKU has established more research working bodies to collaborate with organizations outside the university, both public and private organizations.  At present, the University has partnerships with more than 160 national and international research organizations from 25 countries. There are also exchange programs for KKU students, personnel, provided with full equipment, knowledge, labs and other kinds of bodies of knowledge.

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