Humanities and Social Sciences, KKU, signs agreement with PEASO Area 1, Khon Kaen to develop a SMART LIBRARY

August 24, 2020 at the central stage of Isan Book Fair 2020, Golden Jubilee Convention Center – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Khon Kaen University and the Primary Educational Service Area Office 1 Khon Kaen (PEASO) held the MOU signing ceremony, which denotes their collaboration in developing the Thailand 4.0 SMART LIBRARY for the academic year 2020. Prof. Dr. Kulthida Tuamsuk, Dean of the Faculty and Asst. Prof. Dr. Kanyarat Queissen, Head of Department of Information Science of the Faculty represented Khon Kaen University to sign the MOU. Dr. Phumipat Ruanglae, Director and Mrs. Boonyen Woesongkhram, Deputy Director of the Primary Educational Service Area Office 1 Khon Kaen signed for PEASO. Over 200 people attended the ceremony, comprising school directors, teachers and pupils from 45 schools under the Primary Educational Service Area Office 1 Khon Kaen.

The MOU for Thailand 4.0 SMART LIBRARY Development Project of 2020 contains the following 3 major elements:

Collaboration in promoting and supporting academic learning and sharing related to library information system

Collaboration in promoting and supporting library development under the policy for 4.0 Smart Library administration and management in the era of Thailand 4.0 including other operations that lead to library management efficiency

Collaboration in supporting personnel to organize activities, produce library media, or provide service according to the institutional needs, and to pilot the development of modern school library following library developmental standards as seen appropriate

Prof. Dr. Kulthida Tuamsuk

Prof. Dr. Kulthida Tuamsuk, on this occasion, gave a talk on the importance of SMART LIBRARY and library information system, which necessitate cooperation for the promotion and support for building a network for the development of an efficient library, so that the youths will be able to develop their knowledge and abilities for the future. The ceremony ended with another special talk by Dr. Phumipat Ruanglae on the administration policy for Thailand 4.0 SMART LIBRARY.

This MOU signing ceremony sparks the collaboration between Khon Kaen University and Primary Educational Service Area Office 1 Khon Kaen (PEASO), which will lead to development of modern, standard, and efficient school libraries.

News / Photos: Miss Pawadee Maphan

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