“Nong poh pi pluk” – Tightening relationships between KKU alumni and present students by transferring Kalapruek trees in Ubon and Mukdahan

July 22-23, 2020 – Division of Student Development and Alumni Relation and the Alumni Relation Section held the “Nong poh pi pluk” activity by transferring Kalapruek seedlings cultivated by the present students to the alumni to plant in public spaces or their homes. The event was meant to convey ideology, love, and attachment through Kalapruek trees, the KKU tree. The division and KKU Alumni Association travelled during these 2 days to visit the alumni in Yasothon, Ubon Ratchathani and Mukdahan, bringing Kalapruek seedlings for the alumni to plant. 

July 22, 2020 – The seedlings were given first to Mr. Somsak Wanchai and Miss Laddawan Maharaksit, KKU’s 12th Class, to plant in the area around their place, Saraburi Block Concrete Shop in Yasothon; and next, to Sirintorn District where Mr. Monkon Phui-on, Assistant District Officer who represented Mr. Sanong Malaikhwan, Sirintorn District Officer and a 24th Class Public Health alumnus received the seedlings, which were to be taken to Phra Khru Panya Warobon, the abbot of Sirintornwararam, Phu Phraw to plant in Phu Phraw. The group then visited around the area to see the growth of Kalapruek trees planted by KKU alumni in 2018, hoping that one day when the flowers bloom, they will add to the beauty of Phu Phraw, which is an important and famous landmark of Sirintorn. 

July 23, 2020 – The group went to Mukdahan, also to see the growth of Kalapruek trees transferred to Mr. Sukhum Habut, an advisor of Mukdahan KKU Alumni Association and a 7th Class alumnus, and planted by KKU alumni in 2018 at the area around Suan Santikhun Forest Temple, Nasok Sub-District, Muang District. More seedlings were given in Mukdahan for planting. 

Nong poh pi pluk” is another activity organized by the Alumni Relation Section of Division of Student Development and Alumni Relation, KKU. A group of KKU students volunteered to collect Kalapruek pods around the campus to cultivate. When these seeds grew, they were ready to be brought to KKU alumni to plant. The activity is meant to strengthen the relationships between the present and the former students of Khon Kaen University, using the KKU trees as the medium. 

News: Pasakorn Tuaprakhon

Photos: Preedee Sritrakoon 

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