KKU students get ready to receive 10% of tuition fees

Regarding the preventive measures of COVID-19, and to assist KKU students who are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, KKU has prepared an online system for students to receive assistance of 10% of their tuition fees. The online system requires the following:

1. KKU Account: Use your KKU student email to login, request assistance, and track the process. For students who haven’t got a KKU email account yet, please click this link: https://accounts.kkumail.com/signup

2. Thai bank account number: The account number must be equivalent to the student’s name. The 10% assistance of tuition fees will be transferred via this account and students can recheck at their bank.

Starting from 1 June 2020


FAQ about eligibility of receiving 10% back of tuition fees


  1. Q: Why can’t new students of the first semester 2020 apply for a KKU email account to get the 10% back of tuition fees?
    A: New students will not be able to apply for a KKU email account because they need to fully complete the admission and reporting process first. However, they absolutely are eligible to receive this 10% assistance for the first semester of 2020 and we will inform you how to do that soon.


  1. Q: How about the master and doctoral degree students? Are they eligible to receive the 10% back of tuition fees?
    A:  Yes, they are. Everyone and every level of study is eligible to receive it.


  1. Q: Who is eligible to register for the 10% back of tuition fees on 1 June 2020?
    A: Currently, students who are enrolled in the special semester 2019 and have completely paid all their tuition fees.


Source:  Asst. Prof. Denpong Soodphakdee

Vice President for Digital University Development