KKU collaborates with PSU and CMU to proceed with University 4.0

Analyzing and Implementing Strategy Committee of KKU has started planning work process, developing process of exchanging knowledge, creating strategies, solving problems at hand, and tackling risk factors as well as uncertainty

On November 16-17, 2019 at the Brick X Meeting Room of Science and Technology Park (STeP), Asst. Prof. Tala Thammaroj (M.D.), Vice President for Administration and President of Analyzing and Implementing Strategy Committee of KKU proceeding University 4.0, led 14 members of Analyzing and Implementing Strategy Committee in attending the workshop on “Strategic Prediction” – the first meeting of 3 universities: Khon Kaen University, Prince of Songkla University, and Chiang Mai University. The MOU signing ceremony under university 4.0 project was also attended by all the 3 parties. 

The MOU of stated each of the 3 universities shall take turn to host the meeting 2 times to developing process of exchanging knowledge and create strategy for the long term goals that are not only aimed to solve problems at hand, but also prepare for risks including uncertainty in the future.

University 4.0 is the project under the Spearhead Strategic Plan based on social aspect of Outcome Delivery Unit (ODU). Thai People 4.0 Scheme is supported by National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) through Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai University. The objectives of this scheme are to review and study changes occurring around the world. Thai and foreign lecturers who are experts are invited to the workshop to share knowledge and experiences for best practice based on cases happening in other countries, for workshop on strategic foresight, and for organizing the meeting that allow attendants to exchange knowledge and work together. The three universities are piloting strategic development for planning process of exchanging knowledge to prepare for prospective changes.     

Universities in Thailand and other countries are now facing with disruption in the form of individual learning environment. In Thailand, the main factors are birthrate continuing to decrease every year, bigger ratio of senior people, new generations’ behavior and attitude toward learning based on personal interest as well as convenience, easier access of new sources of knowledge, changes of weather causing new disease, food and water shortage, and technological disruption. Universities need to adapt themselves to pass these crises, that is, they have to change teaching and learning approaches, promote life-long learning, be the source of knowledge that people in society can rely on, develop learning materials, offer flexible classrooms, and keep up with the modern world. 

Khon Kaen University is going to host the meeting from February 1-2, 2019. The university will promote this meeting to the people in KKU and become a part of University 4.0 Project. 

News    :   Anupon Mumtong
Photos   :   University 4.0 Team
Edited by   : Wadchara Noichompoo

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