KKU students under exchange program at Kanazawa University, training to be innovative businessmen

The Science Park and Technology, Chiangmai University joined Khon Kaen University Science Park to send the following 2 KKU students who had been selected under the Experiential Learning Program to the outbound exchange program in Japan:

1) Miss Jenjira Muangkrathok, a 3rd year engineering student majoring in Logistics (International Program) and

2) Miss Kittiya Plaeyaw, a master’s degree program student in Chemistry

The two students were under the exchange program in agricultural and food technology, and risk management. They both attended the program with University of Kanazawa students and lecturers and had a chance to visit private companies in the Startup Community area, and the Innovation Museum, from November 12 to 25, 2023.

This program has been established to instill new generation people with knowledge, understanding, and perspectives in innovation business development. The program has also been designed to drive forward the university towards being an Entrepreneur University, and increase the chance achievement from learning and experimenting at a real place.

Miss Jenjira Muangkrathok, an engineering student said, “I’m very happy to have this opportunity to add to my knowledge and experience. I’m also honored to be able to apply what I’ve learned back home in the program, which increased my vision in many aspects. At first, I felt like I was not good enough, but the program effectively trained students until we achieved what we expected. It is a good chance to share the experience to other students in KKU and make them interested to join the program.”

“What is the outcome of this program? Because I was the youngest there, I really want to thank everyone for the good friendship, the care and instructions for new ideas. The elder ones also recommended business approaches. In terms of the activity, I obtained experiences in living and working at a broader scale. I see the wider world and the ways to make decision for the living in the future. Thanks the program for the good experiences that will make my life better.”

News: Nattakan


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