Complete in one stop! KKU 1st year students developed “XZAM” Website – a bank compiling tests and answer keys for high school students

School students looking for tests to prepare themselves and accumulate classroom scores for their significant entrance exam no longer need to burden themselves finding all these. Now, a group of 1st year students studying the course, “Advanced Computer Programming” of the Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University came up with a website called “XZAM” that compiles tests and answer keys of the high school contents for benefits of users whose knowledge will sustainably grow in the ever changing educational system.

Assoc. Prof. Kanda Saikaew, Ph.D., a lecturer of the Department of Computer Engineering, one of the students’ advisers explained that technically speaking, the 3 students (Mr. Tanyalak Sasiwarinkul, Mr. Teetawat Butrthai, and Mr. Putthipong Kitisriworapan) have developed a website: XZAM by using ‘React’, which is a JavaScript library and Bootstrap CSS framework to show the beautiful front page of the website that also matches all sizes of screen. The Google Firebase Authentication API was also based on in managing users’ entering the system, as well as the Firebase Cloud Firestore that stores data in the website.
“It is not simple to compile tests of all subjects in one place, for new tests are being continually produced. We therefore created this website to solve this problem. Users are able to recommend other interesting test sources by logging-in to identify themselves, which protects against interferences on the platform. There is no need to upload files on the website; for the links to the original tests and answer keys are attached. Tutorial institutions can also attach test links and answers, for advertising their institutions.”

Teetawat Butrthai said that the period when kids prepare themselves for the entrance exam, they need to search various tests to work out the answers. Each subject has its own source, so many sources have to be searched. This is the pain point that was the beginning of the website development, which compiles tests of all subjects at one place.


Putthipong Kitisriworapan added that they define this website as a resource that compiles many tests and answer keys that had been dispersed in the form of a bank. So it saves school students’ time in trying to do many tests. This website also enables bookmarking on the test that the student wants to come back to do.
“Due to the patents of tests, they cannot be disseminated on the platform. The tests on the website are derived from searching based on keywords, and then the link has been attached. This way does not make the patent owner lose their benefit.”

Tanyalak Sasiwarinkul said that because of the gap in education, students who cannot afford or those who learn by themselves find it difficult to find tests for their preparation. This website is thus an alternative to help these students to have simple, convenient, and fast access to tests and answer keys, without any expense.
Just recently, the patent of XZAM website has already been registered. There are now an increasing number of users. The links to tests are in 4 fields: biology, mathematics, chemistry and physics. New users can visit the website at:

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