Office of Academic Service joins KKU Science Park to hold a learning and sharing event on the past-to-present wisdom – the “HoiSin” brand of Thai Silk Pavilion Community Enterprise in Chonnabot

During the Covid pandemic, the ways of living of a lot of people changed. The Thai Silk Pavilion Community Enterprise in Chonnabot District is another group where the entrepreneurs received impact from the crisis. The operation of the Enterprise group emerged from the sericulture villagers in Chonnabot District and the lecturers from Khon Kaen Vocational School who are responsible for the administration and operation of the Thai Silk Pavilion at the 60th HRH The Queen Commemoration Building. The operation of the Thai Silk Pavilion at present is meant to succeed the inherited culture from the ancestors. Chonnabot District stands as the prototype of silk in Khon Kaen and is the pride of Chonnabot District. As our society nowadays is in the age of disruption, in order to enable the entrepreneurs to adjust themselves to catch up with the present world, they need to be strengthened in terms of their competitive capacity in the market.

The Office of Academic Service and the Science Park of Khon Kaen University therefore held this activity to initiate the product brand and promote the online selling technique of the products on July 18, 2023 at the Thai Silk Pavilion (the 60th HRH The Queen Commemoration Building), Khon Kaen Vocational College, Chonnabot Sub-district, Chonnabot District, Khon Kaen. The morning session featured a lecture and practices for understanding of brand building and the direction of the brands at Thai Silk Pavilion, by Miss Orapan Suwanjit. The participants also brainstormed their ideas for new brand building to meet with the market demand. Formerly, the enterprise group used the name “Thai Silk Pavilion” for selling their products. From the brainstorm, the group came up with the new brand name: “HoySin”. The word “Hoy” in Isan means living in the style of the ancestors. This is the culture of Isan people that has been practiced from the past until today. The word “Sin” means clothes that are the identity of indigenous Isan. Besides, the word “Sin” has the same sound as the word “Sincere” in English, showing the sincerity of the Silk Pavilion to help the community. These words are used as the new brand. The next activity was another lecture and demonstration of photographing for promoting and attracting customers by Mr. Noppadon Klinsrisuk. This session helped in creating perspectives and technique to present the products through photographs and the layout of related components to draw more customers in the market. The last session was a lecture on the technique to build Contents in “TikTok” by Miss Athitaya Janmanee. This session was aimed at the principle use of Applications and the forms of famous contents in order to build channels for public relation and marketing and for reaching more online customers.

The budget for the activity was allocated by the Office of the President of Khon Kaen University under the Community Outreach program and CSV, for social development and upgrading of the quality of life of the people in accordance with the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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