KKU launches “Molam Metaverse”, the cultural capital innovation that experiments on touring of the virtual world and upgrades Isan Molam towards the digital world

Khon Kaen University by the research team of Molam and Creative Economy Project: Transforming innovation and cultural entrepreneurship of virtual society and the Metaverse developer team from Khon Kaen InfiniteLand have now launched the cultural capital innovation in Molam Metaverse, a new learning zone where everyone can tour the Molam world through the virtual world of Metaverse.

The design of Molam Metaverse had as its aim to open an area and channel for new paradigm of learning in the digital era by using the mechanism and thought of Metaverse. Users can reach the learning resource from the Molam cultural capital from anywhere and at any time. In addition, Molam Metaverse zone can be connected to the platform of Cultural Map, which is the network of the Supply Chain that is involved in the business under Molam Cluster. This will help promote and increase the perception of not only Molam but other relevant businesses.

Besides, Molam Metaverse will be both a learning resource and a venue for promoting digital businesses that benefit Molam entrepreneurs, Molam artists and related entrepreneurs. In the future, Molam Metaverse venue can be extended to other activities when there emerge new technologies. It is truly enhancing the use of modern digital tools for Molam entrepreneurs and at the same time building new experiences to the user group and enlarging the customer base who are audience of Molam both in the country and abroad, especially the group not knowing about Molam before.

Asst. Prof. Sirisak Laichankham, Ph.D., the Project Head, said that “Molam Metaverse” is derived from a simple question: How can Molam enter the virtual area in the age where Metaverse occupies and has influences on the digital society? We do not know the result, but we wanted to experiment and test on it. We wanted to use this area to help us form new concepts and innovations that will help lead Molam into the digital age. Molam Metaverse is a digital innovation from the cultural capital and is the opening of the area for those not knowing and knowing Molam to have easy access to Molam. The research has been directed towards experiment on group Molam or Molam poetic stories in the virtual world. The researchers have designed two zones of connected areas, comprising:

Zone 1: Open the world of Molam – a central hall that shows audience to see the atmosphere in front of Molam stage, with Avatars dancing there. This is like projecting an imagination for people not knowing Molam before to have contact with Molam world in the next step. Besides, Zone 1 also offers a channel that connects to different bands of Molam through the Social Network with access to the Cultural Map that links to different Supply Chains of Molam. The last part of Zone 1 is the point where Avatar can warp into Zone 2 for a visit.

Zone 2: Molam Gallory – an exhibition area that provides knowledge about Molam. The content is divided into 4 parts: the first era or the emergence of group Molam developed from basic Molam; the second era or the development age from basic Molam to group Molam; the third era is the development towards Molam concert and Molam petic stories; and the Last part is the show of Molam Avatars, presenting the molding of the major Avatar of Molam and digital innovation in the Metaverse. Molam performance and Avatar cast designed by the research team are composed of the hero and heroine in the first era and at present. We can differentiate from the attires and the Avatar artists of different parts of Molam Group such as clown, dancers, etc. In addition, Molam Avatar presented can move in the fun dancing style. This opens the virtual experiences for the audience who can watch Avatars closely. The experience from designing Molam Metaverse led the research team to experience the design and experiment not happening before. The research team was able to build their imagination from the experiment, which can be extended to complete other designs in the future.

Interested people can watch Molam Metaverse through the following 2 channels:

1) Through web browser at Link: MoLam Metaverse | Spatial

2) Through Spatial Application by searching “Mo Lam” or scan the following QR Code:

QR Code

Because Spatial.io has a number of limitations, the research team therefore developed the metaverse to accommodate ‘scale up’ of log on for many simultaneous users at the link or QR Code as follows:

Link: https://infinitland.com/metaverse/morlam/?undefined

Bringing Molam into the Metaverse is a new issue that the research team has experimented on, while the Metaverse technology is still under its development. Thus, there has been some limitations in the use of Spatial App as follows:


1) Application with advanced version can lead to problems in loading Avatar, Object or scene. Update Application is recommended according to the following links: =

– Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…

– iOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1528403747

2) The recommended Internet signals are 10Mbps download, 2Mbps upload; or if highest stability is required then it is recommended to use: 50Mbps download, 10Mbps upload

The limitations of Verse developed by InfinitLand without Spatial are:

1) The recommended Internet signals are: 50Mbps download, 10Mbps upload

2) The equipment used should be at least 6 GB RAM.

3) Mobile equipment is not recommended, such as Tablet etc., especially with iOS. This does not include: OSX of MacBook or PowerMac or MacMini.

(Remark: the Internet speed and capacity of the computer or phone affects access to Metaverse. There are also many limiting factors of the Metaverse, which are still under non-stop studies of experts all over the world.)

News: Jitladda Saenta


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