Khon Kaen University Library and a group of volunteers offer learning opportunities to people with vision deficiency by means of audiobooks

Khon Kaen University Library as a Learning Center for All is always aware of the roles and duties of the library in decentralizing access to various learning resources and thus organized the “KKUL Reading for the Blind by Volunteers”. The resource came in the form of Audiobooks that support learning and at the same time extend access to interesting books among those with seeing difficulties. The KKU Library sees the importance of equality in access to learning sources, and has appointed a committee for developing services and promoting learning for people who need special assistance since 2023. Past activities included training to enhance skills of the Library staff in producing audiobooks and being mentors for volunteers or those who want to produce audiobooks for the blinds.

On May 9, 2023 at 13:00 – 16:00 p.m. – Khon Kaen University held the “KKUL Reading for the Blind by Volunteers”. The event received interest from 4 volunteers who joined the training. At first, there was the training on producing audiobooks. The trainer of this workshop was Miss Natta-orn Iawprasert and an assistant from the KKU Library. The volunteers were trained until they acquired the skill in producing quality audiobooks. The volunteers then recorded their book reading according to the set standards.

Khon Kaen University Library is grateful to the volunteers who will provide chances for learning to those with vision deficiency. Now, they will be able to study or research by listening to the audiobooks. The 4 volunteers included: Miss Nattaya Seenawat, Master Nattawat Seenawat, Miss Junjutha Tiatechanan, and Mr. Natdanai Roipa.

Khon Kaen University Library as the Learning Center for All is determined to support all groups of the public to have equal access to lifelong learning resources so that the society will move forward sustainably with appropriate educational technologies.

News: Nitiya Sriworadetpaisan


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