Thammasat University on an official visit for learning and sharing with Office of Academic Administration and Development, KKU

May 2, 2023 at Sukitja Janthachum Room, 2nd Floor, Office of Academic Administration and Development, Khon Kaen University – Asst. Prof. Piyawat Saipan, Ph.D., Director of the Office of Academic Administration and Development; Mr. Senee Janlun, Director of the Administration Division of the Office and the staff welcomed delegation from the Office of Student Registration, Thammasat University led by Assoc. Prof Chainarong Jaktaranon, Ph.D., Director of the Office; Miss Bunjira Phu-ngoen, Acting Secretary of the Office; Miss Sariya Nuamjit, Head of the Planning and Administration of the Office and the staff totaling 9 people.

In the morning session of the day, the delegation from Thammasat University watched the video of introduction to the Office of Academic Administration and Development, after which the administrators and heads of sections were introduced, followed by a meeting for learning and sharing of working experiences in registration, issuing of digital educational documents, verifying Grade 12 students’ completion of their high school studies for enrolment into university.

The afternoon session featured a visit to the operational room of the Administration and Information Section; learning and sharing of welfare system, regulations governing personnel, educational program section, cooperative education unit, credit bank, academic services and registration related to issuance of important academic documents, automatic issuance of documents, degree conferral ceremony, enrolment work and marketing.

Khon Kaen University and Thammasat University are under the network of student registration. The two institutions have entered an MOU to build cooperation in student registration development and development of service standards that emphasize excellence in the future. The MOU also covers building of central standard indicators so that all implementations will be in accordance with the standard of each job. The high values for customers are what the parties are aiming at. In the near future, there will certainly be cooperation in developing more efficiency registration system.

News: Public Relation and Marketing Unit, Administration and Information Section; Hathairat Bunyaratapan Ngoenthong
Photos: Information Unit, Enrolment and Marketing Section


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