A great event ever! “As Golden Light, Forever Shining on the Heart” – a big concert for patients with oral cancer

Saturday April 23, 2033 – Faculty of Dentistry, Khon Kaen University organized a concert entitled: “As Golden Light, Forever Shining on the Heart”, which is the 4th time holding the concept of love, aspire, and mental support. The revenue after deduction of expenditures, will be deposited in the fund for assisting patients with oral cancer in the Northeast. The opening of the event, which was organized at the Faulty of Fine and Applied Arts’ theatre, was presided over by Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University.

Assoc. Prof. Waranuch Pitiphat, D.D.M., Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Khon Kaen University reported that this concert was organized to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the Faculty of Dentistry, Khon Kaen University and to mobilize fund for assisting patients with oral cancer in the Northeast who received treatment at the Faculty. Moreover, the event was aimed at developing the potentiality in diagnosis and treatment, as well as rehabilitation of the patients with oral cancer, most of whom have low incomes and limitations in access to treatment.

Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University said that the concert, “As Golden Light, Forever Shining on the Heart” supports the social dedication mission of Khon Kaen University and the Faculty of Dentistry that have direct responsibility in the treatment of patients with oral cancer. The Faculty expects to be the Center of Excellence in Oral Cancer in the future.

5 Quality Artists and 19 songs of Boy Kosiyapong

The concert venue began to be crowded since 18:00 hours. KKU administrators, lecturers, alumni and students, including fans of the artists arrived and first visited the exhibition hall that demonstrated stories about oral cancer and sold goods and souvenirs. The revenue from this would be deposited in the fund for assisting the northeastern patients with oral cancer. The audience then proceeded into the hall at 19:00 p.m. The MCs of this event were Khun Jaeng, Warapan Saptana-udom and Asst. Prof. Achirawut Subhanbhesacha, Ph.D., D.D.M., Vice Dean for Education of the Faculty of Dentistry.

The opening music was played by the band of the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, and Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, to lead audience to the first performance by Khun Mod, Phudinan Deesawatmonkhon, Head of the band and the pianist behind the scene of Loveis, who played the music for the 19 songs of Khun Boy Kosiyapong. The singer for this session was Khun Nammon, Teeranai NaNongkhai who sang a love song with a 2-string fiddle (saw-u) played by Assoc. Prof. Taranas Hin-on, Head of the Department of Music and Performance. The other song of this session was “Dok Mai” song.

Next was the singer Khun Nat, Panadda Ruangwut, who sang the following songs: “Lom Hai Jai”, “Yak Ja Kho”, and “Sak Wan Nueng”; followed by Khun Pan, Tanaporn Waekprayoon singing the song: “Live and Learn”, “Hang Klai Lua Koen”, and Khrai; and Khun Kittinan Chinsamran or Kit the Voice, singing: “Khon Khang Kan”. The songs were greatly appreciated by the audience who gave them many rounds of applause.


Khon Note, Saran Khungbanphot sang: “Muang Khoey” and invited audience to turn on their cell phone flash and wave, making the vibe of the event very enjoying and cheerful. Following this were the Duet session and the Thai top Vocals singing “Chan Dee Jai Thee Mee Ther” and “Dao”.




A patient with oral cancers expressed her feeling on the stage.

Khun Tawanchai Leeprom, a patient with oral cancer and a presenter from the Funding for Patients with Oral Cancer in the Northeast went up the stage to relate about the illness that happened from wrong diagnosis until it became this severe disease. She then came to the Faculty of Dentistry for treatment and then found out about this Funding for assisting other patients with oral cancer.

“Because many patients in the Northeast have low income. This funding will help them have access to treatment and thus will have better quality of life. If diagnosis is quick, the patient can live longer with the family. I’m grateful to this funding.”

At 21:00 p.m., Khun Nat, Panadda Ruangwut sang the song: “Hero” for Khun Tawanchai, who is the fighter and speaker for other patients with oral cancer until there was the founding of the funding. The atmosphere of the concert was very friendly. The last songs were from Khun Boy Kosiyapong, a great song composer, which was a big surprise of the event.

Khun Boy Kosiyapong said that he was pleased and honored that this concert played his songs, and would be happy if his songs could be played again in the future. After listening to doctors, he learned that the patients had suffered a lot. So if doctors worked with no back-up funds, it would be very difficult. He would like to invite everyone to donate for assisting the patients to undergo their difficult times.


After the event, the audience left with smiles on their faces. Dr. Pirada Pirananon, one of the audience said that her daughter is a fan of all singers. So they drove from Bangkok to this concert. This was the second year they had been to this concert and they intended to come every year, for they were impressed about the quality singers and at the same time were able to help the patients. They hoped that all who were facing the disease had the power to fight against it.

Asst. Prof. Anong Rungjaeng, another audience said that she was greatly impressed with this concert and had never been disappointed. More importantly, she was happy to have some contributions, even though small, but it was good to be able to help those with oral problems. She ended thanking the organizers for this event.

Although the concert already ended, donation can still be made.

Even though the concert ended, those who want to help can still donate for assisting patients with oral cancer in the Northeast. The donation amount can be used for tax reduction.

Asst. Prof. Achirawut Subhanbhesacha, Ph.D., D.D.M., Vice Dean for Education of the Faculty of Dentistry added that oral cancer is one out of the 10 types of cancer found in Thailand among both men and women.

Oral cancer affects the patient’s life. Some lost the occupation, for it is sometimes necessary to remove a section of the tongue until the patient cannot utter properly, or sometimes it affects the facial beauty. Those being teachers or singers may have to leave their occupations. A chef or a gourmet can no longer work in their occupations because of the loss of taste or difficulty in swallowing. Therefore, oral cancer has great impact on one’s occupation.

“The funds mobilized to help oral cancer patients will be used in diagnosis, in treatment that is on top of the universal medical treatment rights, operation cost, traveling cost, rehabilitation cost including the oral care tools that are not in the hospital medical list. Thus, this will add to the quality of life of patients, which everyone can help.”

News: Phanit Khatanak

Photos: Boriphat Thasi


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