KKU invites all to Isan Agricultural Fair 2023 – with great agricultural innovations on the magnificent farm zone of KKU

Thursday January 12, 2023, at 10:30 a.m. – Faculty of Agriculture, Khon Kaen University held a press conference to release the news on the Isan Agricultural Fair 2023. Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University presided over and opened the press release meeting. Assoc. Prof. Darunee Jothityangkoon, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, the chairperson of the event, presented the activities to be held at the fair. Among attendants at the press release were: Mr. Thongchai Khamkhot, Director of the Agricultural Research and Development Office, Area 3; Mr. Surapon Thanyajaroen, Livestock Head Officer Area 4; Mr. Kamon Sophat, Direcor of the Agricultural Development and Extension Office Area 4, Khon Kaen; representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, who presented the activities on the part of the Ministry. A lot of news correspondents and the public attended this press release, which was held at Room 5101, AG 05, Faculty of Agriculture, Khon Kaen University.

Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University related that the Isan Agricultural Fair is an event that KKU organizes continuously to respond to the goals and philosophy of Khon Kaen University to be the center of thoughts and social intellects as well as the center of education of the Northeast. The Fair is one of the big activities of Khon Kaen University and Khon Kaen Province that will result in the circulation and propulsion of tourism and economy of the province. This could be seen from the number of people coming to the fair last year that amounted to over 500,000 people or an average of 50,000 people each day, circulating the amount of over 500-600 million baht.

“The Fair this year is going to be the first full-cycle one after it had not been organized for 2 years due to Covid-19 pandemic. The Fair demonstrates the potentiality of Thai agricultural development that responds to the Government’s policy under the BCG-based economic development, which includes 3 dimensions, namely, Bio-economy, Circular Economy, and Green Economy. This means economic development in parallel with social development and the environment nurturing under good balance.”

Assoc. Prof. Darunee Jothityangkoon, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and the chairperson of the event added that the 2023 Fair will be the 31st year of the Fair to be organized. It is held under the motto: “Isan agricultural innovations towards sustainable development”. The objectives are also to exhibit the works in agriculture, and carry out the Royal Intention of His Majesty King Rama IX; and to feature learning and sharing of academic and research works in agriculture of academics both from the governmental and private sectors as well as private developmental organizations and farmers. The expected outcomes will be to stimulate and promote the expansion of medium and small agricultural and agricultural industry businesses.

“For the venue of the Fair this year, the Faculty of Agriculture has improved the landscape of the Agricultural Technology Park. From the addition of the cowboy fence near the area, a bicycle lane, and a jogging route, there was a need to change the Fair’s ground plan by moving the zone towards the south of the Jaturamuk Exhibition Building. The Agriculture Farm will be open and the East side will be provided for more parking areas. Big buses and personal cars can be parked here, and this means more visitors can come to the Fair. There will be a small train taking visitors around the fair. If visitors want to avoid the traffic, they can park in front of KKU gate and take the green-line KKU air-conditioned shuttle bus to the Fair from the gate. This 2023 Isan Agricultural Fair will be a great event in terms of agricultural innovations and the beauty of the Fair area.”

Mr. Thongchai Khamkhot, Director of the Agricultural Research and Development Office, Area 3, said that the Department of Agriculture by the Office of Agricultural Research and Development Area 3, Khon Kaen, the Office of Khon Kaen Agronomy, the Center for Research and Development of Cultivars, Khon Kaen and Khon Kaen Engineering Agriculture Research Center, are joining in organizing the Fair this year under the concept: “50th Year of Department of Agriculture, Sustainable and Prosperous Technology of Thai Farmers”. The Fair area covers roughly 600 square meters and is composed of 8 zones as follows: Zone 1 – the 50th year of good cultivars of field crops from the Department of Agriculture, Zone 2 – the 50th year of production technology and agricultural machinery; Zone 3 – production of cultivars and quality certification; Zone 4 – production inputs (biological fertilizers and products) and checking of production inputs; Zone 5 – safe and standard foods, Plant Cultivar Act, and agricultural dangerous materials; Zone 6 – selling of manufactured products and giving cultivars free of charge; Zone 7 – Demonstration Stage and academic forums; Zone 8 – Check-in point or photography landmark of the 50th year of the Department of Agriculture. It can be seen that all zones reflect the agricultural innovations not to be missed.

The activities by the Faculty of Agriculture include:

The 24th Agricultural Conference on Monday January 30, 2023 at Room 7011, Faculty of Agriculture

  • 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. – a special talk on “The policy issue of the administration and management of funds for manpower development and development of universities, research and innovation building that supports the research and development according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” by Prof. Sompong Khlainongsuang, Ph.D., Director of the Office of Administration and Management of Funds
  • 13:00 p.m. – 13:50 p.m. – a special talk on “Modulating Ruminal Fermentation for Feed Efficiency and Sustainable Use of Ruminants” by Antonio Faciola, Ph.D. Professor & Graduate Program Director Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida, USA.

Saturday January 26, 2023: Questions-Answers Contest on agricultural knowledge for school students, at Room 7011, Faculty of Agriculture

Forums and training on farm occupations: Program Application for managing databases, flower arrangement, making compost, culturing vegetable cultivars, culturing mushroom, micro-green, producing organic vegetables, etc.

Contests on Local wisdoms such as arranging Bai Sri trays, manual drawing of silk thread, making crispy bananas, making fresh sugarcane juice, cooking fermented fish paste, cooking dishes from silk cocoon, weaving reed mats, making bags from reed (young people level)

Contest of beautiful fish, eel catching, decorating flower plant boxes, fish painting, and contests of different pets

Exhibitions on agricultural technologies and knowledge from different departments of the Faculty of Agriculture

Farm tour around the Fair by the students of the Faculty of Agriculture

Booths selling farm products by the students of the Faculty of Agriculture

Home Coming Party of Mo Din Daeng Agricultural Alumni on Saturday January 28, 2023 at the Faculty of Agriculture


News: Rawiporn Saisaenthong



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