Architecture students win prizes from Inspire in Style Design Contest

KKU Architecture students win the 3rd prize as well as Popular Vote and receive honorable mention from “Inspire in Style Design Contest 2019” by SCG’s affiliate

Congratulations to Mr. Arnat Thammatorn, a 4th year student from Faculty of Architecture, for winning the prize and receiving Popular Vote from outdoor living (outdoor space of the contestant’s university) design for Inspire in Style Design Contest 2019. The 3rd prize went to Mr. Wasin Kachornsakwongwai, a 4th year student from Faculty of Architecture. Moreover, there were 3 students receiving honorable mention – Mr. Pichitchai Sannarong, Mr. Sawassakorn Budmard, and Mr. Chanon Lunpan. They were 1 of 10 pieces of work selected among 300 pieces. The result announcement and award presenting ceremony was on May 1, 2019 at ASA Architect 19, Impact Challenger Hall 1-3 of Muang Thing Thani. The 2nd and the 3rd winners are going to observe architecture in Shanghai.

The name of the project receiving Popular Vote is “Chai Ngan Klang Plang,” which literally means to show in the open-air space. The concept of this project is Amphi + Natural + Theater. Actually, it is an Amphitheater rooted from the faculty’s resources because there are problems with uneven surface in the faculty. Therefore, the students came up with the way to make better use out of this resource. Amphitheater is raised above the ground, so it can solve problems, such as water or poisonous animals. Moreover, some features can attract passers-by, that is, the construction is covered with opaque material for users’ moderate privacy. During the daytime, people can see the nature outside from inside the building, and people outside can see activities inside the building at night. That’s why it’s called “Chai Ngan Klang Plang” where projectors can be set up to play movies, and this area is also possible for other activities of the faculty.

The criteria for this contest were usage, practical design for construction, creativity, selection of SCG’s materials and products appropriate for purpose, and presentation.

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