Faculty of Education joins APEC Thailand 2022 with an aim for ”Let’s Code Thailand”

November 16, 2022 – Prof. Sumalee Chaijaroen, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Education; Assoc. Prof. Jarunee Chamat, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Education and Quality Development; and Assoc. Prof. Issara Kanjak, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Strategy and Organization Development, were invited to join the meeting for constructing collaboration: Let’s Code Thailand of the APEC allies including the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation of Thailand (MHESRI)’s Office of National Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Policy Council (NXPO) & PMU-B, The Asia Foundation (TAF), Digital Makers Asia Pacific (DMAP), and Google. The meeting was aimed at exchanging innovations, international digital platforms for building manpower in this field, which is at present under great shortage. The Faculty of Education also received a chance to learn and share with CEO of Code Combat, which would lead to building Coding skill for students with no background to be able to improve their competency, from the kindergarten level to the secondary level. Any interested individuals can also be counted. Those passing the evaluation from learning by the platform will receive the certificate for the competency and their profile would be on the list from which a private organization can recruit them for a job. In addition, the Faculty also discussed with Thai Programmer Association for collaboration in development of advanced manpower for specific industries. There would be support from PMU-B to coordinate all sectors to be the center platform of the country that accommodates manpower in AI., Robotics, and Creative Digital. The Asia Foundation will then deploy and support experts for preparing industrial manpower.
The Faculty of Education will, in the next step, establish a specific expertise in Creative Coding for sustainable education and social development. The innovation and platform at the international level will be applied in KKU Demonstration Schools at all levels and then extend to the network schools in the Northeast and in ASEAN countries in the future.


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