COLA students pass the national competition level to the Preliminary Round at The First Yunnan International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (YIIEC) in People’s Republic of China

The College of Local Administration sent students to present their project at a national presentation event at the First Yunnan International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (YIIEC), organized by Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department, Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, Foreign Affairs Office of People’s Government of Yunnan Provincial and Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League of China. The event is aimed at accelerating development of Yunnan into a center for science and technology innovations for South and Southeast Asia, through application of new advantages in industrial development in Yunnan in order to create new things and starting new businesses in Yunnan. The Project has an outstanding feature in geographical conditions of the area, as well as receiving a special supporting policy from Yunnan. The students’ idea is: “COLA Compress of Local Nature Additive” and the students’ project was supervised by a team of supervisors including Dr. Kritsada Prachumrasri and Dr. Wei Yang.

The student team comprises 5 third-year students from the Technology Program in Urban Management and Infrastructures:

  1. Miss Kanokporn Promsakha Na Sakonnakorn
  2. Mr. Athit Jiramongkonthai
  3. Mr. Pongporn Homkularb
  4. Mr. Ekkalak Panthalai and
  5. Mr. Siwakorn Maleesri

The COLA KKU student team chose the innovation: “Thai Herb Dabber” (Dabber used for healing) with a specific identity to make business plans and presented to the event committee. This topic was categorized under the cultural and health tourism industry group. The team was selected to enter the Preliminary Round, from the 559 applying teams who belong to Start-up entrepreneur group and the group of international organizations. The students had a chance to obtain experience from the national stage and world vision. They acquired knowledge and understanding from the event that prepares them to become the world citizens of 21st Century.


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